Toms River Religion and Politics

The Public Religion Research Institute on religious and political issues is slowly making its way to communities. Should religious people (any kind of faith-not necessarily church goers) play a greater role in how government functions? Can government tolerate moral people in its midst? 
Robert Osenenko February 05, 2014 at 10:53 AM
The political shift from a piney run govt to a N. Jersey one primarily overtaken by lawyers in 1955. Area families such as the Applegate's, McGuire's and Clayton's though holding key properties also found themselves facing eminent domain issues. Was it coincidental that high feed prices for chicken farmers happened at the same time the NEW Ocean County Planning Board rezoned all chicken farms as residential and residential commercial? That action took place as the Parkway expanded lanes to Toms River. Is it all just a coincidence of a series of actions initiated by a Divine presence?


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