A Look Back: A Month Since Hurricane Sandy

Videos of the devastation and rebuilding

The last 30 days since Hurricane Sandy pelted Belmar and Manasquan with incredible winds and surging waters have gone from the emergency immediately after to rebuilding and reopening in the weeks since.

The Oct. 29 storm impacted so much of the Jersey Shore, while videos taken throughout the boroughs documented the damage and impact, as well as the heartfelt volunteerism and dedicated work of rebulding.

Here is a gallery of videos showing some of the varied impacts of this historic storm to Belmar and Manasquan.

lisa December 03, 2012 at 12:21 PM
I have to say that i have been very vocal for my dislike of our current mayor however I do believe that Brick has handled this storm better then most of our surrounding townships. We seem to have been the first to get most of our storm debris cleaned up as he did not rely on just public works and brought in outside contractors who knew what they were doing. they have made three and sometimes 4 passes through out the neighborhood. while the insides of most homes in my neighborhood are far from normal, at least our streets have gone back to some normalcy. nobody has been harrassed for permits, nobody is telling us we can't put contruction debris on the streets. so as much as i have complained about acropolis, i will thank him for the efforts post storm.
Mattie December 03, 2012 at 08:24 PM
2 QUESTIONS: 1. Are they still restricting access to SSH, SSP to residents/property owners only? 2.. Is Island Beach State Park open at all, and how did that area do with the storm? Any information would be appreciated-- and if we can be kept updated as to access restrictions being lifted, etc. that would be a plus too!
Lauren December 03, 2012 at 09:14 PM
My family hurts just as much today as we did a month ago when we found out our summer home in Camp Osborn burnt down. I hope and pray that the families that lost their main home are doing better everyday.
NJAdj December 05, 2012 at 03:16 AM
Seaside Heights and Seaside Park enter through Toms River, route 37 bridge. Entrance is restricted to homeowners , tenants, business owners , insurance personel, contractors and emergency personel. I will say this week re-entry over the bridge has been significantly easier, they have been much less strict, however every vehicle without a township tag or permit is still checked. Roads are still cluttered with debris making streets narrow, roadwork is underway to repair damaged sections and there is still an island wide ban on water use due to damage suffered to the infrastructure. Allowing everyone to enter at will at this time would hinder recovery operations. Not to mention the generally over looked health concern that goes along with the high amounts of mold and asbestos building materials that can not properly be disposed of at this time. As for Island State Park, I do not believe area restrictions are still in place, although driving through some roads are still barricaded due to machinery use or roadway issues.


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