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Downtown Farmer's Market Starts Today

Five things to know as the Wednesday farmer's markets open in Huddy Park

The Downtown Farmer's Markets return to Toms River and Huddy Park today and will continue throughout summer and early fall every Wednesday.

The well-attended markets are a place to get the freshest of produce from local farms. But locally grown spinach or strawberries aren't the only things you can find there.

Previously, vendors included many items you won't find in the produce aisle. There's plenty to shop for, and here are our top five suggestions.

1. Fresh flowers. The farmer's market is a chance to scoop up some annuals, growing in hanging baskets, to complement your landscaping. 

2. Seafood. Cummings Seafood is among the scheduled vendors. We're talking top notch seafood and shellfish for tonight's dinner.

3. Honey. A local favorite, the Herbertsville Honey Company returns to this year's farmer's market. Pick up a giant jar of flavored honeys; they even sell honey-based beauty products. Try a quick treat of their honey sticks: a drinking-straw sized sleeve of honey, in such flavors as cherry, root beer, cinnamin.

4. Handmade soaps. Indulge in a bar of handmade soap in great scents for a variety of aromatherapeutic or beauty purposes. You'll feel and smell great.

5. Sweet treats aplenty. Whether the vendor is selling delicious baked goods or a decadent condiment, you can shop to your sweet tooth's delight at the farmer's market. Check out A & B Bakery, selling baked goods, specialty cookies and natural dog treats; Momma’s Homemade, featuring delicious homemade applesauce; City 2 Shore Gourmet, offering a selection of balsamic vinegars, dipping and infused oils; Lithuanian Bakery with their huge assortment of bakery products including bread, rolls, muffins, cakes, pies, danish, strudels, and...need we say more?

The market is  11 a.m. to 5 p.m. every Wednesday through October. Theirs a parking deck right across the street from Huddy Park.

. June 08, 2011 at 03:54 PM
Pickles....don't forget the pickles and the baked goods also. Too bad I am working today or I would be there.


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