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Massachusetts Charity Sends UHaul of Donations to Ocean County Hurricane Victims

A local mother-daughter team thought they would collect a few things for friends who were hit by Hurricane Sandy.

When Hurricane Sandy hit New York and New Jersey, Kim Joline and her mother, Monica Reid of Massachusetts, knew they wanted to help.

What happened next, Joline said, was unbelievable.

"The people of Medfield are absolutely amazing," Joline said as she stood beside a 24 foot long UHaul truck packed with 200 boxes of donations.

After a quick email to family and friends, and then shared with the Medfield Angels/Neighbor Brigade, hundreds of people started dropping off items for the hurricane victims.

"We were getting stuff dropped off an hour ago," Joline said on Friday. "This week has just been huge; it's just awesome how much people gave."

Thousands of donated items were donated including food, water, clothing, toiletries, baby items (clothing, diapers, etc), toys and sports equipment, winter coats, blankets, sleeping bags and batteries. 

"Basically, anything you can imagine you would need for your body, they need everything," she said.

They also collected much-needed shovels, gloves, masks, rubber boots, trash bags, flashlights and cleaning supplies.

A modest Joline and Reid said the donation drive was such a success due to the generosity of the people of Medfield and the following: 

On Saturday, members of the Joline family drove the truck down to Toms River, New Jersey, where local radio station WJRZ 100.1FM was holding its "Share the Magic, Road to Recovery and Disaster Relief" project to help benefit Ocean County Hunger Relief & Big Brothers Big Sisters, and the Jersey Shore Animal Center.

There, Joline's daughter, Sydney, was interviewed by the local radio station.



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