More High Temperatures Expected Later This Week

The sweltering heat wave will subside but hot and humid air is still sticking around as July comes to a close

This past week brought temperatures that broke records and had many hoping for some relief from the heat. While it won't be as sweltering as last week, another heat wave will head our way.

As the workweek begins, we will see cooler temperatures than we did last week. There will be a mixture of some sun and clouds with the high reaching the mid-80s.

On Tuesday, there will be partly sunny skies with warm temperatures in the high-80s. There is also a chance for an afternoon shower or thunderstorm so keep an umbrella handy later in the day.

By mid-week, the temperature will rise to the low-90s. There will be plenty of sunshine throughout the day with wind gusts nearing 20 mph. This will be the beginning of the next heat wave, as the heat index will rise to 94 degrees.

Thursday will have partly sunny skies with temperatures approaching 90 degrees. The wind should gust up to 17 mph.

This trend will continue on Friday with mostly sunny skies. The temperature will reach the low-90s but there will be plenty of hot and humid air around to make the heat index rise to near 105 degrees.

On Saturday, temperatures will sizzle up to 95 degrees. When you factor in the humidity it will feel as though it is 105 degrees

Sunday will be partly cloudy with the occasional breaks of sun. Temperatures will remain hot in the mid-90s with a heat index near 98 degrees. There is another chance of some late afternoon showers and thunderstorms.

Emily Watson July 25, 2011 at 03:10 PM
I would be really interested to see how the average temperature this summer compares to last year, 10 years ago, and 100 years ago. It certainly feels hotter - global warming is taking a drastic toll! How much longer until there is no ice left in Antartica!?!
Capt. Kirk July 26, 2011 at 01:41 AM
2009 and 2010 have been the hottest to date only exceeded by this weekend which broke all time records. yeah it ended up being hotter outside


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