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Ohio Charity Unloads Donations at Toms River Pantry [VIDEO]

The People's Pantry on Fischer Boulevard has helped families since Sandy struck

Superstorm Sandy recovery in Toms River received some out of state help this week when an Ohio-based charity came to town with a trailer full of donations. 

The People's Pantry, managed by the Toms River Regional Schools Special Education PTA, was established following Sandy to help families in need. On Thursday, a truckload of help came from Hope Always Lives On, or HALO Foundation, based in Akron, Ohio.

"I'm overwhelmed," said Mayor Thomas Kelaher, who was on-hand for the delivery. "It's one more example of the great spirit of volunteerism in this country. It renews your faith in human nature."

The tractor trailer that brought the goods to Toms River is known as the Road Scholar 93 Cents for Flight 93 trailer. It was designed by the HALO Foundation in honor of those aboard the flight that crashed in Pennsylvania on Sept. 11, 2001, according to the organization. 

"This donation means more than most have," said People's Pantry Director Patricia Donaghue. She lost a friend on that flight, so the connection to the donation was personal. 

Donations were collected by students and seniors in Ohio, according to Tiffany Desatnik of the HALO Foundation. Military personnel, JCP&L employees and pantry volunteers helped to unload the truck.

"Volunteerism is something we encourage with our employees," said Ron Morano, a JCP&L spokesman who was at the event with company staff who helped unload the trailer. 

Another donation was made by the HALO Foundation on Tuesday, during which 18 gallon plastic totes were delivered. After the delivery Thursday, more than 350 totes will have been donated to help Toms River residents recover. 

The People's Pantry has 4,700 registered families and about 500 of come in to the 1001 Fischer Blvd. location each week. These are mostly middle class families that don't qualify for government assistance, according to Administrative Assistant Eileen Davis Kovar. 

"We do this all for the love of our community," she said. 

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Debbie May 20, 2013 at 09:22 PM
My family was turned away.l I am a single parent with several small children. I was turned away because I didn't have much water damage. Everytime it rains, it rains in my house. My roof was ripped off. They turned me away with crying babies. Corruption even there...so sad.
suz May 20, 2013 at 09:59 PM
What? What do you mean by several small children? I don;t get it...sorry.
barbara May 20, 2013 at 11:24 PM
They helped my son, who had serious flood damage. My daughter has been displaced, but they said because she did not have water damage, they could not help. Sad, she lived in seaside, could not go back, never went back to condo and is now living in someone's basement temporarily until she can get back on her feet. Any kind of donation would help, but.........guess rules are rules.


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