What Were the Top Stories in Woodbridge in 2012?

You might be surprised.

What stories grabbed the biggest audiences this year on Woodbridge Patch? Some are the ones you might expect, but there are a few that might surprise you - particularly the biggest attention-grabber. 

School cheating, the resignation of John Crowe, and the turmoil surrounding the school district was high on the list. The death of Cpl. Kevin Reinhard, a huge apartment blaze in Avenel that left a hundred people homeless, and Hurricane Sandy all topped local news.

A police officer who saved a woman being held hostage at Woodbridge Center was another big story, as was the collapse of the former Great Indoors parking deck and the news that Mayor John McCormac welcomed a medical marijuana warehouse to Woodbridge, whose arrival was veiled in secrecy.

But the most popular story in Woodbridge wasn't even in Woodbridge!

So in case you missed the big headlines for 2012, here's a list of the Top Ten in the township: 

10) VIDEO: Hundreds Line Inman Ave. for Cpl Reinhard Procession

 9) UPDATE: 52 Apartments Caught Up in Woodbridge Village Blaze

 8) VIDEO: Sewaren Homes Condemned from Sandy Storm Surge

 7) Police Officer Hailed as Hero in Woodbridge Mall Shooting

 6) VIDEO: Schools Superintendent John Crowe is Out

 5) VIDEO: Hurricane Sandy Tears Through Woodbridge

 4) Great Indoors Parking Garage Collapses

 3) Mayor Says Medical Marijuana Warehouse is 'Welcome in Woodbridge'

 2) Five Suspended in Wake of School Cheating Scandal

And the biggest story of the year?

 1) Some Residents Worry About a FEMA Camp Being Set Up in Linden

What was your favorite story in Woodbridge Patch, or the one that affected you the most? Were you surprised by the stories that got the most attention? Tell us below in comments!

hd 1981 December 31, 2012 at 11:35 AM
Seems the Councilman Anderson story shoud be in this group. It didn't get enough news. More like swept under the rug.
Marina December 31, 2012 at 02:35 PM
The notorious Avenel Puppy mill, his fraud guilty pleas, how the mayor protects him and all the poor puppies that have die or was seriously ill etc...should make the list.


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