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Denny's Restaurant Closing on Brick Boulevard

Corporate officials confirm "America's diner" will close at 25 Brick Blvd. location

Denny's Restaurant, known for its 'America's diner is always open' slogan, will no longer be open in Ocean County.

The family-style chain restaurant will be closing its doors at 25 Brick Blvd. near Hooper Avenue on the Toms River-Brick border in the Silverton section. Corporate officials declined to specify when the final days of the Brick location would be.

Denny's Restaurant issued the following official statement: 

“We have chosen not to renew our lease for our Brick, N.J. restaurant. We regularly evaluate each of our restaurants to ensure it is operating up to brand standards and in this case determined we are better off focusing our efforts on our other nearby locations. Guests can still enjoy their favorite Denny’s meal at our other New Jersey restaurants, including Bordentown and East Brunswick.”

The closure marks Denny's departure from Ocean County, but the chain also does not operate any Monmouth County eateries either.

The closest Denny's to Toms River is now a location at 221 Hwy 130 in Bordentown, NJ and one at 752 Hwy 18 in East Brunswick, NJ. 

Denny's would not comment on the status of the landlord or the lease for the Brick restaurant. 

The 5,020 square foot property is currently being marketed by National Realty and Development Corp. to potential tenants.

Previously the Brick Boulevard location operated simultaneously with a Toms River location on Route 37, where Perkins now is on the intersection wth Hooper Avenue.

pam tirado July 26, 2011 at 06:47 PM
Don't think I'll be going all the waqy to bordentown or brunswick for a grand slam or a moon over my hammy! sorry to see you go, denny's, but unless i'm traveling your way, i won't be seeing you soon! somebody call popeyes and tell 'em there's a vacant store for rent!
Helen Browne July 27, 2011 at 02:19 AM
it's very sad to see Denny's close. We always went there regularly but recently (the past few years)the carpet is filthy and they run out of menu items regularly. How do you have a banana split with no bananas or nuts!
walt tupycia July 28, 2011 at 03:38 PM
the just must of got their new tax bill from brick.
Rick Molinia July 29, 2011 at 03:39 PM
far from healthy brother.. even if you special ordered egg whites, the cook juan lopez throws a hanful of butter mixed with LARD onto the grill, therefore making your meal disgustingly filled with sat fats and sodium and cholesterol.. and service was lackluster. although i'm all for WE being able to choose whatever we want to eat.. Healthy or Fat i just want quality.. but trust me even chicken breast over lettuce at mcdonalds cant be considered low fat since they "chicen" breast meat is more like chemical soaked hot dogs..
KC August 15, 2011 at 05:54 PM
Denny's, in general, is far from being a 5 star restaurant & many in NJ have been shutting down as people are not able to spend as much while we are face down in a recession. A lot of what they had to offer was not "healthy," rather it was mostly processed foods chock full o' narsty & service in most places was cut to bare bone. I'm not shedding a tear over another Denny's going bye-bye but hoping that a better business can move into Toms River to feed the masses. Folks, you can make everything that was on their menu yourselves & spend a lot less doing so. Breakfast at home is a treat & helps build family bonds.


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