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New ShopRite Opening This Week

Saker ShopRite grand opening Wednesday on Routes 37 and 166 in former Dover Mall

The metal benches are out. The boxwood is planted. The milk and eggs are on the way.

it will cut the ribbon at its Route 37 and 166 location Monday, and will officially open for business 7 a.m. Wednesday, Nov. 16.

The former Dover Mall, now known as Crossroads Center, will open a long-awaited tenant with the new ShopRite. The supermarket sits toward the back of the property on Route 37, and road construction is reconfiguring Presidential Boulevard to be the access road to ShopRite from Route 166.

This week, the final touches are underway for a grand opening. Giant signs point delivery trucks to the ShopRite loading docks around the construction site, as stores such as Spirits Liquors make progress at the front of the property.

The ribbon cutting is 11 a.m. Monday Nov. 14 at the new store, which is at 2 Route 37 West.

Santina Stankevich, a spokesperson for Saker ShopRite, said the Monday event is a kick-off with local officials and company representatives.

has been underway since February, was reduced to rubble for a rebirth into Crossroads Center. Shortly thereafter, the former Perlmutter ShopRite was demolished to make way for the Saker-family owned ShopRite, one of 28 in the fourth-generation business.

The Fischer ShopRite is a Permutter one, as is the Route 70 one in Manchester. But Saker operates the Brick and Lakewood ShopRites, making this the third property in Ocean County for the family.

“We look forward to serving the unique needs of our new neighbors and having a positive impact on the community,” said Richard Saker, President of Saker ShopRites, Inc. in a prepared statement.

The Saker Family of stores began in 1916 in Freehold with a single grocery store before developing its first supermarket in 1956.

“Our family-owned ShopRites have long-served the people of New Jersey, delivering the value, variety and excellent service that our customers need and have come to expect from the ‘World Class’ ShopRite name.” said Saker.

Stankevich said the ShopRite will bring more than 300 jobs to the area. The ShopRite comes in at 75,000 square-feet.

Shoppers can expect aisles of groceries but also a fresh bake shop, cut to order meats, daily deliveries to the seafood department and a floral department. Stankevich also said every department includes natural and organic products. Specialty food stations include a Mediterranean olive bar, a Chinese buffet, freshly-made sushi, hot food and entrees, and pizza.

There’s a pharmacy, a catering service, and in-house café and a Cigar Shoppe. Shoppers can use “Scrunchy’s Playhouse, an in-store, fully-staffed play space where children can enjoy safe and supervised fun while their parents shop.”

The store is planning to be open daily from 5 a.m. to midnight and can be reached at (732) 286-4500.

Bud Boomer November 14, 2011 at 03:54 PM
@Richard Smith Have you ever worked for a Saker ShopRite? Well I have they really don't care about their employees much, I've seen everything, I've seen them violate the union contract of their employees on more then one occasion, Maybe they changed their ways but doubtful I still have many friends who work there last I heard they tried to force people in signing a paper that prohibited them from talking about Saker on any social media platform and no I was not fired I quit on my own terms for a better job
Richard Smith November 14, 2011 at 04:42 PM
@ Bud Boomer - Yes, I have worked for ShopRite, but not for the Saker's. But I'm just curious about what it is that I said in either of my comments to elicit such a response from you? I never praised SR, but if it's my statement about creating jobs for hundreds of people I stand my ground. Thousands of people in this area would love to have a job, any job.
Matt Casey November 23, 2011 at 06:03 PM
To all you negative people: Would you rather the location remain an eye-sore and useless? I'm sure you'll now give me a list of what you would have preferred there, but unfortunately, nobody else has stepped up to the plate for what...a decade? ShopRite has opened a beautiful store there, and, as Mr. Smith (Clark, NJ?) stated, offers hundreds of new employment opportunites!
Lynn December 19, 2011 at 08:27 PM
frankly, i'm happy they finally did something with that awful sight. I've lived here all my life, and i remember that mall when it was a booming shopping center. i for one was sick and tired of looking at that embarassment of land. what we need is a Chipolte or good wing restaurant to go in there too....then it will be complete!
Supper mommy34 February 14, 2013 at 04:14 PM
Hey I live on walnut st and my family are good people. Not everyone on those streets are crack heads or bad people.


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