Weather Service Says Frost Possible for Tonight

Covering flowering plants could help reduce damage if temperatures drop as predicted.

Wet conditions could pair with temperatures falling to 39 degrees, prompting the National Weather Service to predict frost overnight into Wednesday for Toms River.

Overnight lows into Tuesday reached 35 degrees, reported the National Weather Service.

Though Tuesday conditions were a predicted partly sunny 61 degrees, the Tuesday night temperatures were again expected to plummet to the 30s.

The Weather Service warned that cold-sensitive vegetation could be harmed, after record-breaking March temperatures advanced some flowering plants four to six weeks ahead of typical spring blooming.

Not much can be done to protect flowering trees at this point, but covering smaller shrubs and emerging perennial plants could keep them from harm.

The National Weather Service issued a frost prediction throughout the Pinelands region, advising residents to "consider taking any potted plans indoors and covering any other sensitive vegetation."

Through Wednesday morning, according to the National Weather Service, "isolated pockets of frost or freezing temperatures are possible early Wednesday, dependent on whether persistent clearing occurs late tonight," warned the NWS at 4 a.m. Tuesday for Toms River through Eastern Pennsylvania.


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