Menendez: Oil Drilling Will Affect Tourism

Senator says House bill is "a great threat."

Column as submitted by Sen. Robert Menendez:

I know you share my love of the Jersey Shore, its great resources and the great economic engine it provides to our state.  But today we are facing the great threat of oil drilling off the coast of New Jersey.  Unfortunately, big oil managed to use its influence in the House of Representatives this week to get a bill passed that would allow drilling off the New Jersey coast and all along the eastern seaboard.

If this bill becomes law, it could have a terrible impact on the tourism industry at the Jersey Shore, on commercial and recreational fishing, on marine life, and on New Jersey's delicate coastal ecosystems.  An oil spill would ruin New Jersey’s shore for years to come.  It would mean not jumping the waves with our kids and not eating local fish on a night out.  It would mean boardwalks abandoned and lost jobs.

We don’t want to wake up one morning to find a black sheen of oil coating our beaches, killing our fish, destroying small businesses and costing thousands of jobs.  We can’t afford to take the risk of losing what is so precious to New Jersey and its residents.

The line has been drawn in the sand and we are now in a battle to save our coast.  Please sign this petition and join me in the fight against this effort which puts the future of our shore at risk.


Sen. Robert Menendez

Donna Griffin July 29, 2012 at 09:21 PM
iki - I live in an oceanfront town and have no problem with drilling off our coast. I'm not sure how "we can't afford it" makes any sense. Can we afford not to become energy independent? I'm not keen on Oyster Creek either, but I sure do like hitting a switch and seeing lights come on. It seems that those states that have liberal exploration/energy production policies, i.e. North Dakota, have extremely low unemployment rates and healthy economies. I'm not sure that anyone can argue how energy independence will make our economy worse (sorry, Governor). To argue the "not in my backyard" position is flat out unintelligent. Again, Venezuela and Russia will be doing it within a few miles of Florida....depleting resources right out from under us. Oil spill contamination does not respect national borders and wouldn't know to stop at the first sight of the Florida Keys. If it's the environment everyone is concerned about, how is it authentically "green" to want to protect ONLY the environment near your own home? I'm not opposed to wind or solar energy either, but until my car can travel more that 50 miles on electricity ( a National Academy of Sciences report considers hybrids worse for the environment than gas-powered vehicles btw) or a solar panel can lift a 757 jet off the ground, we are married to oil. Not to mention, I trust our exploration processes & oversight a lot more than Cuba's.
ikidunot July 29, 2012 at 11:05 PM
@Donna, There is more gas and oil on the market today than at any time in history. Since 2008 consumption is down 35% globally. The theories of supply and demand mean nothing now. As any honest energy analyst will admit, the energy commodities markets are constantly manipulated to meet the growing needs of the financial industry, not the consumer. It's called financial engineering. Have you ever heard of the Euler Scale Theorums? Have you ever wondered why so many top engineering school students are recruited into Wall$treet firms that handle commodities trading? To think that drilling for more oil will somehow bring down prices by flooding an already flooded market, is being naiive. Besides, if that was the case, prices would be $32 per barrel for WTI oil and $1.30 retail in NJ for a gallon of regular gas. Which, by the way, is the true value of oil based on the 2008 market collapse. To think that this country will ever be "energy independent" is believing in a fairy tale. Do you really think that will ever be allowed to happen? Remember the "terror alert color codes" that used to be plastered all over the place a few years ago? "Fight terrorists over there so that we don't have to fight them here" slogan? Energy companies are using those same old scare tactics. The only proof you need of that, is how "Iran is going to attack in the Persian Gulf". The "Iran premium" placed by Wall$treet on each barrel of oil is $40, no matter where the oil comes from. Please, wake up.
So Much to Say July 29, 2012 at 11:11 PM
@Ann, Yesterday he was Constipated Liberal. I agree with you 200%. He can change his name but not that UGLY face.
Frank James August 15, 2012 at 11:20 AM
Get rid of these worthless Corzine Democrats and that bum in the Whitehouse .
Dave Sleeper September 23, 2012 at 02:22 PM
Oh yeah, fat chance. Everybody's going to go to Coney Island because we have oil rigs off of Seaside? An oil rig would be the cleanest thing on that boardwalk. We could make it into a ride. Call it "The Screaming Menendez". You wouldn't need a ticket to get on. Just an entitlement. Vote the clowns out.


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