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Live Road Conditions as Flooding Continues in Toms River

Traffic map, live cameras show conditions as rain pelts mainland and barrier island again

Another afternoon storm heaped more rain atop yesterday's reported eight inches of rainfall, again flooding roadways in Toms River.

Traffic continues to be slow around low-lying areas. Today flooding was reported on Route 37 eastbound, Coolidge Avenue and Fischer Boulevard near Hooper Avenue, among other areas. Route 35 is also experiencing heavy flooding.

Check our interactive traffic map featuring the Garden State Parkway, Route 37, Route 35 and Route 70 before hitting the road.

In this real-time traffic map from Mapquest, green portions mean traffic is flowing freely, while yellow and red indicate traffic delays. Zoom in or out if there's a route where you need a close-up. Note the incident signs on the map and click for more information as reports unfold.

Besides a map-style glimpse, there are also many traffic cameras maintained on state roads such as Route 37. You can view what the traffic cameras show along Route 37, as traffic cameras are continuously streaming from Lakehurst to Seaside Heights. Check here for the Route 37 camera views.

Here are the parkway traffic cameras around Toms River exits:

i don't get it?? September 05, 2012 at 09:33 PM
Downtown TR is a mess!!! Good luck, and be safe getting around.
Rachel Tomasi September 06, 2012 at 11:53 AM
Only an hour into yesterdays rain I needed oars by Bay and Egret. Seriously mine and others I know incl my daughters school bus' brakes were having trouble after going thru some of the "puddles." I'm not sure what else to call them maybe ponds is more like it. Drive carefully indeed, for once I'm happy my only appointments today are at home. No desire to be out in the mess, but I know most have no choice. I just hope ALL the buses are careful and the school yr is in the 2nd day with kids still trying to see what they can get away with possibly distracting the drivers. Please help them and all our children by leaving plenty of space like the usual that should be given and then some.


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