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Million Dollar Listing LA Episode 2

My blog about Million Dollar Listing LA


I really like 2 out of the three stars of MDL-NY.  So far, all 3 guys from MDL-LA are scoring high marks, well almost all 3.  I have a few concerns about one of them.  More on that later.  I sent Madison, Altman and Flagg the blog and each one responded with some positive comments.  Josh Altman emailed me and responded with “I thought the article was great!  Couldn’t agree with you more on a few of the topics.  Hope all is well and business is great in NJ.  Be in touch”.  Ironically enough, when I was with Fredrik Eklund one day, Josh sent him an email about a $10MM home for sale in NJ.  Josh and I traded a few emails back and forth about that. I am confident we will do some business in the future.  Madison wrote, “Looks great Jeff.  Thank you for forwarding the link.”  I also traded some emails back and forth with Heather and she loved the blog.  I happen to really like Heather and enjoy seeing her and Josh together!  Lastly, Josh Flagg wrote, “Wonderful!  Would you like to interview me or something?  Happy to help.”  With that, I set up a call with Josh.  He happened to be in Hawaii and took some time out of his relaxing vacation to chat.  Nice guy!  I started off by telling him that I just wanted to say hi and chat and that this was not an interview since I am not a writer and wouldn’t know the first thing about interviewing him!  Josh is a smart guy, laid back and genuine.  Our conversation was easy and our topics ranged from business to personal subjects.  We ended with a plan to get together for dinner when he comes to NY and will most definitely include Michael Lorber.  He and Josh are great friends.  One topic I have to share is Josh’s excitement about his new venture, STARMAPS.  It is an app available for an iphone or android and lets you set up a guided tour of celebrity homes.  As he called it, “the ultimate in stalking”.  I wish him the best of luck and please check it out.  Ok, enough with my info-mercial and on to the episode.


As I start to write about this episode, I just have to get off my chest the lack of professionalism displayed by Madison when it came to Heather.  I saw nothing wrong with her co-listing the condo with Altman and Madison should have applauded her instead of chastised her.  It would have been very easy for Josh and Heather to conspire something to not include Madison in the listing and he did not “get it”.  To show up at the open house to simply be nosey was ridiculous.  Leave her alone, let her do her business and everyone can make some money.  There is WAY, WAY more to the story than we are seeing, I am sure.  I also think that Madison should have never accepted that disastrous listing with Stella and David.  From the start Madison kept telling us that it was tough, David was difficult and in the end, when Madison suggested the price point and got resistance from David, he should have respectfully denied.  At this point in his career, I hope that Madison doesn’t need practice with listings that are doomed from the start.  Losing $5k was all his fault and he should have seen it coming.  I saw it from 2,443 miles away.  (FYI, that’s the distance between LA and NY)  The only positive to come from that experience was that David was pushed to fix the portions of the property that were in desperate need of repair so that when Heather comes next as the listing agent, she can sell the house for $1.35MM and move on.  (Sorry Madison, I had to throw that in)


Mr. Flagg… He is a cool dude.  He has his world under control and you can see that as we glimpse into his life.  And Edith, love her.  I think I would have been just as uncomfortable as Josh when she was talking about “tits” but she is a wildly successful businesswoman and filled with great experience and knowledge.  He is lucky to have her in his life.  Josh has built and been given to some extent a great referral network to draw business from.  Even though that may open doors, he still has to close them.  The rental situation was a good look at the sometimes pressure filled world we as brokers live in.  Josh used his very abled assistant to search for deals and his “no problem” attitude goes a long way.  I do have to say that the “gothic” inspired house was not very inspiring and I am hopeful that the choices are upgraded slightly.  I think Josh did a good job of sitting second chair when the group visited the Medieval, 12th century wanna-be and the group was led around by “Lerch”.  It’s all-good and I am sure Josh will meet and exceed his client’s expectations.  I do have to add some comedy..  I think it was so “cute” when Colton brought in a nutritionist to help the gastrically challenged Josh.  I will say that when Josh comes east and we go to dinner, if Colton comes he can’t sit with us.


Altman… I got his back..  I absolutely can see us being friends, business associates and kicking some ass when needed!!  I have to say that Josh’s willingness to share a listing with Heather and Madison made the tantrum thrown by Madison look that much more juvenile.  OK, I get it, he was helping his girl.. But he absolutely did not have to do that and his character shined brightly.  Josh displayed an attitude, when going after the condo listings, that was confident and matter of fact.  He believes in himself and makes others feel his success.  I wrote a blog about success some time ago and I should now include a picture of Josh Altman because they coincide rather perfectly.  The condos were beautiful and will sell themselves.  One curve ball Josh did not see was his client suggesting that he and Heather co-list the unit.  He definitely did not want that to happen for a host of reasons but I think both brokers acted with professionalism that will result in more than one sale.  I urge Josh to be careful when working with his “girl”.  That may sometimes be a recipe for disaster, let’s hope not.  The line of the night was when Josh said he would rather be “kicked in the balls” instead of listing a property with Madison.  That drama is only in it’s infancy.  I hope the Bravo boys and girls don’t spend too much time on that issue but it adds a little spice..


Business to me is very personal. I like to get to know my clients and there is nothing better than doing business with friends, when and if, and that’s a big if, both people have the right intentions.  I would much rather enrich my friends than a stranger.  The key is to not take things personally.  Be happy and content with your success and know that at the end of the day, choices people make in life set their own destiny.  I have always made lemonade out of lemons and will continue to do so.  

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