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Million Dollar Listing LA – Episode 5


Thank you everyone, once again, for the comments and interactions from last week’s blog.  I always enjoy the banter and sometimes truly unique comments that my “words of wisdom” bring about.  Keep them coming, please.

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of being interviewed along side one of the stars of MDL-LA, Josh Altman.  Josh and I have chatted numerous times since the start of the season and this interview touches on some exciting business opportunities between Josh and I and it is a great inside look at how the show integrates into Josh’s daily life and has impacted his career.  I will provide a link as soon as the audio feed is available. 

One more personal note, stay tuned to my blog for some exciting news concerning that “other” show, MDL-NY and specifically one of the stars and yours truly.


As usual, women are the voice of reason.  At Heathers urging, the episode opens up with Josh’s tail between his legs and we see him calling his client and apologizing for walking away from the listing meeting.  We all know that Josh has an ego and he was able to put it in check and right his wrong..  Well done..  The words. “you’re right, you’re right” echoed so loudly in my brain as Josh said that to Heather.  My wife just smirked, get it?  I was surprised that his seller agreed to an asking price of $3.6MM when he was so adamant at $4MM but truth be told, it worked.  There was certainly some pressure to get a full price offer and that was put on the table from the start.  I was glad that we got to see a different side of Altman than the all business side..  All I could think about was the movie “Big” with Tom Hanks as our savvy broker was reduced to a winey 5 year old calling for mommy at the showing..  In reality, and in this business, you have to do what you have to do to get deals done.  Later in the episode it’s deal time..  Josh arrives at Laverne and Shirley’s office just as cocktails are being served..  Really?  I am all for happy hour but I am not so sure I would be tipping my glass going into negotiations.. I usually save that for after..  Cheers!  All things considered, I think that both sides represented their clients well and in the end the seller was happy with a contract of $3.5MM.  Well that was certainly a $105,000 lesson well learned.  I hope Heather got a nice present when that commission check cleared.  I will have to ask her..


Mr. Flagg was presented with a pretty tough situation.  Being involved in a divorce from a broker position is tough enough but having a personal relationship with the parties is even tougher.  Once again we see Josh faced with a timeline of “immediate” in order to find Perry a new place to live.  He seems to find all the emergency situations.  The first day of looking for a new home for Perry started with a good choice.  I was surprised that he wasn’t happy with that but obviously you have to see what the market has to offer and they did just that.  Perry was not hiding his emotions when they first arrived at the house that had the additional home as a rental.  To go from an almost 4,000 square foot home into a 1,200 square foot home is difficult.  The selling broker was slightly annoying as he was walking them through the home.  I felt his was pouring beer into a champagne bottle and passing it off as “vintage”.  I was cringing for Josh as Perry continued to find fault with all the showings.  It seemed Perry wanted a $2MM home for $1MM.  In the end, the transaction went rather smoothly..  Going in at $1.35MM with income of $4,000/mth for the front house was a good play by Josh.  He was confident in relaying that to Perry and showed he was in control.  Nice job.  Perry also displayed a very reasonable side in agreeing to a final price of $1.45MM and the deal was done.. 


Madison had a rough night.  First of all the property he was asked to list seemed like it was in the middle of nowhere.  I don’t claim to know LA, but from what we saw it looked like it was a plane ride away.  Madison’s seller was adamant about getting the property on the market and having a brokers open at a point where the house was still under major renovation.  Now, the initial reaction that we are led to from Madison was that this was a terrible situation.  I would say it is not an ideal situation but with a little creativity, it could have turned around.  I would have had architectural renderings done of what the interior finishes were going to look like.  He could have set up sample boards in the rooms that showed what the flooring, cabinets, counter tops and even lighting was going to look like.  I would have had a landscape architect draw a beautiful color rendering of a backyard oasis to distract from the current condition.  I am certainly not saying it was a great situation but sometimes you have to make lemonade out of lemons.  But, Madison was right.  The brokers were all on the same page in saying that the property should not have been shown in the state it was in.  To each his own.  Unfortunately, the seller did not want to hear it and demanded that Madison stay the course.  I do think the seller was slightly unrealistic and Madison did a good job of compromising and came up with a good plan.  I think the brokers will come out to the property again to see the finished product providing the marketing is done correctly.  I am sure Madison will be successful with this and end with a happy client.




In closing…

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