Is 'Jersey Shore' the New George Washington?

Spotted around town: Local businesses advertising the MTV cast went there

When my uncle built an in-depth genealogy of our family tree, he discovered that George Washington had eaten at the restaurant a great-great-great-great-great (you get the picture) relative owned. We were very surprised at our brief connection to then Gen. Washington and we point this out to visitors staring at the family tree hanging on the wall.

And that's what many places that can claim that historic connection do, they make known the fact that someone famous ate there, slept there, stayed there, vacationed there. Summer houses end up on the National Register of Historic Places because of it. History-loving tourists come and point: "That's Calvin Coolidge's childhood home." .

Keeping that is the admirable task of preservationists, and their work helps us learn something worthwhile.

In a somewhat similar vein, here in Toms River businesses are putting up their own signs, letting us know of some folks who recently patronized their fine facility. And the some folks I am referring to are, of course, the members of MTV's "" a show now deep into the third season's , which were taped in Seaside Heights.

The cast — J-WOWW, Snooki, The Situation, Sammi Sweetheart, Ronnie, DJ Pauly D, Vinnie and Deena — have made their way to plenty of local businesses, many of which are advertising this fact and trying to make a connection with of the show.

So the next time you drive by flashing sign, you'll see that JERSEY SHORE ATE HERE, which fans of the show know from the two week's ago.

Washington may not have eaten there, but DJ Pauly D certainly did.

George March 06, 2011 at 10:02 PM
Tattoo parlors, laundromats, tanning salons and other cheesy dives must want more customers like those Noo Yawkas, because they sure won't attract locals or semi-intelligent tourists with "Jersey Shore was here" signs. If I see such a sign, I'll avoid the place.
Woodrow April 05, 2012 at 02:01 PM
According to real NJ people who have been here the owner is a jerk and teh food is terrible so when you see the sign, speed up!!
Project Bluebeam April 05, 2012 at 02:19 PM
I won't eat at Tiffany's anymore either. Aside from the crappy service (the waiter insisted on calling my grandfather "dude"), they also started selling black Jersey Shore-related t-shirts and the placed turned into a typical watering hole for loud-mouthed drunks of Mediterranean decent.


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