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Kathy's Chaos: The Summer Concert

Big Time Rush is the boy band du jour

My older sister did not allow me to have a crush on Donny Osmond when I was little. He was reserved for her. So I was directed to have a crush on Donny Osmond’s younger brother, Jimmy.

I remember dictating a fan letter to my older brother to send to Jimmy. I am not sure if that letter was ever mailed. I never got to see Jimmy or Donnie in concert. It would have been so dreamy.

So I can relate when my daughters were thrilled at the chance to see Big Time Rush in concert this summer. I received one of those Groupon emails for $15 lawn seats to Big Time Rush’s August 18 concert at PNC Bank Arts Center. I scooped up eight tickets and prayed for no rain.

In case you’re not hip to the 'tween girl music scene, Big Time Rush is akin to the late-1960s rock band, The Monkees. Big Time Rush – or BTR - is a music group comprised of four young men who play themselves on Nickelodeon’s television show of the same name. BTR’s Kendall, James, Carlos and Logan are our Jimmy Osmond, our Leif Garrett, our Shaun Cassidy, our Monkees and our Beatles.

However, being a boy-band fan these days is a far cry from dictating a letter to my older brother.

“Mom, we have to download all of their songs.”

"Mom, we have to follow them on Twitter.”

“Mom, we have to like them on Facebook.”

We did all of the above.

My friend and I brought our daughters and three of their friends to the show.

On the way there, they asked, “Mom, can we blast the music and roll down the windows?”

I guess some things don’t change.

The weather held out. The music ended up being much better than I expected, but let’s just say that my expectations were fairly low.

All the way home, the girls giggled and laughed and thought for sure that the boys in the band were talking directly to them when they said, “This is one of the best looking audiences we have ever seen!”

Our girls all declared to have crushes on one of the band members, James. They Googled him and fawned over his hair.

Ahh, the boy bands. They never go away.

It’s just that now, instead of composing an actual hand-written fan letter as I did, the girls of today are tweeting and Instagraming their declarations of love. It’s a whole new platform for the same old emotions. Dancing and screaming girls adoring celebrity boy musicians.

Sounds like true love, doesn’t it?

Danielle August 22, 2012 at 01:18 PM
One of my favorite columns!


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