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Snow Again Or Not in Toms River This Week?

Our weekly forecast for week of Feb. 13

There were some flakes overnight and plenty others last week to slide around on, but how about the week ahead?

Will our Valentine's get a snowy coating or are we in the clear for some President's Day's day off?

We asked Toms River meteorologist Scott Derek, the National Weather Service, and our stunningly accurate Magic Eight Ball.

Derek says only a slim chance. "For snow in Toms River this week it looks like a nay rather than yay ... but I don't think anyone is complaining!"

NWS says rain, not snow on Tuesday and Thursday. Even a 50 degree, sunny Friday.

Magic Eight Ball, what say you? "Maybe," is its prediction.

Here's the complete forecast from Derek:

"High pressure is still in control of our weather, but at least temperatures are moderating back to more seasonable levels. With lots of sunshine we'll reach the lower 40s on Monday, but with a west wind gusting over 20mph it will feel more like the lower 30s.  

Tonight clouds will increase after midnight with lows around the middle 20s(but at least the wind calms down!) Tuesday will feature a mostly cloudy day....not too romantic with even some rain showers by dinnertime. Highs will be into the middle 40s. This lasts into the evening with even some wet snow north and west, but gone by Wednesday as temperatures flirt with 50 degrees. 

Thursday will be mild with highs into the lower 50s, but with some rain showers that are gone by Friday.....but so are the mild temperatures as well. 

So for snow in Toms River this week it looks like a nay rather than yay.....but I don't think anyone is complaining! Check out www.facebook.com/scottderek  for the latest weather updates!"

What's the scorecard for our weekly question; who has been right the most? In the poll attached to the weekly snow forecast, voters have been accurate all but last week, when the most popular vote was for no snow, when there was some.

What do you think will happen this week?

suz February 13, 2012 at 01:25 PM
I love the snpw! I hope we get one good snowfall before April.
barbara February 13, 2012 at 06:01 PM
not me, for sure, loving this weather, although a little chilly today.
bayway mike February 13, 2012 at 06:37 PM
Going to spring training in Florida 3/7/12 to 3/16/12, it can snow anytime during those days..


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