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Uncovering the Mystery Behind Giant Snowball

Toms River Patch asks for your guesses on Vaughn Avenue mystery

Toms River has had its share of larger than life snow formations.

But late last week something puzzling emerged. A to have just rolled down the hill outside of Skyview Park, on Vaughn Avenue, coming to a precarious rest just before the street.

The thing is huge. And round. And it leaves behind a trail of indentation where it allegedly rolled down the steep park slope.

Or did it?

Residents and police say they saw no one; one resident awoke one morning to find it mysteriously there.

Sounds like this is a giant snowball in need of a story.

So let's hear it. How did this giant snowball come to be?

Was it simply the work of Those Darn Kids, trying to create a thrilling but potentially dangerous situation on Vaughn Avenue?

Did someone try to build a snowman at the top of the hill, and realized as their hard work began to roll backward down the hill that they had in fact chose a very bad location to build a snowman?

Maybe you've put your faith in aliens, or feel the snowball is of Stone Henge proportions.

Regardless, this snowball needs a story. Share your wildest theories below, or simply wonder why there's no fences around Skyview, to protect anyone from sliding down it into the busy road below. And, perhaps, to protect residents from invading snowballs.

So put your detective caps on and help us solve the mystery, or share your own memories of grandiose snow formations before the evidence melts away.

Let's talk.


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