Will Snow Fall This Week in Toms River?

Magic Eight Ball says "No way!"

It's been a winter marked by so far. But there's still plenty of winter left, even though some of these days it feels as though spring has arrived in Toms River.

So what's the forecast for this week? Will we see the first green sprigs of daffodils break through the not-so-frozen ground or will that same ground be covered with snow?

Is it going to snow this week in Toms River?

We asked the National Weather Service, the Farmer's Almanac, The Weather Channel, and the Magic Eight Ball.

The forecast: no snow.

Magic Eight Ball was pretty sure this week. "No way!" it answered, when we asked if snow was going to fall.

National Weather Service also said no way. Though for a portion of the overnight a hazardous weather outlook warned of flurries and gusty winds, the forecast from NWS is no snow the rest of the week. In their words: "Monday through Saturday, no hazardous weather is expected at this time."

The Weather Channel's five-day forecast predicted highs nearly reaching 60 degrees for Tuesday and Wednesday, and thus, no snow. Upper 40s for Toms River are likely.

What does the Old Farmer's Almanac have to say? It goes so far as to say it will blizzard Jan. 30-31. However, Feb. 1-2 is sunny, very cold but Feb. 3-4 is snow to rain.

So to recap, that's three no votes and one vote for snow, from the Old Farmer's Almanac.

Who's been correct the most so far?

, NWS and the Almanac predicted snow. has been correct the most so far, but maybe that's due to its cryptic answers.

What do you think? Are you digging out snow shoes or board shorts for this week's weather?

Sean Conneamhe January 30, 2012 at 11:03 AM
"The big snowstorm will be on February 11."


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