Barnegat Motorcyclist Dies In Collision With Ocean County Freeholder In Eagleswood

No charges filed against Freeholder John P. Kelly, accident is under investigation

A 24-year-old Barnegat man was pronounced dead at the scene early Friday evening after his motorcycle collided with a sports utility vehicle driven by Freeholder John P. Kelly, according to the New Jersey State Police.

William Kolb was driving southbound on his black 2011 Harley Davidson at approximately 6:35 p.m., near mile marker 65.5. He attempted to pass the vehicle in front of him, then collided with the right fender of Kelly's 2005 sports utility vehicle when he tried to return to the lane of traffic, said Trooper Joseph Mezzo.

Kelly, 61, West Creek, was traveling northbound on Route 9 and was attempting to make a left turn into the West Creek Deli when the collision occurred, Mezzo said.

Kolb was ejected from the motorcycle and suffered severe injuries. He died at the scene. Kelly was uninjured, said Mezzo, who is the investigating officer.

No charges have been filed, he said.

"There was nothing criminal that we see at all," Mezzo said. "The accident is under investigation."

WhyohWhy May 23, 2012 at 12:39 AM
John B THIS is why you should be flagged... NO reason to be rude and crude! Uncalled for...
bill May 23, 2012 at 03:52 AM
the problem with the whole thing is that not everyone is honoring the memory of the man that was killed...but the papers are quick to praise the freeholders long history as a politician..the only way for a fair investigation is to not allow ocean county goverment to be involved in it...i know from own issues with them, they like to cover things up for their own...its all about an image they want to protect...his carreer should not excuse him from this..we need to stop voting these people in that think they can just throw their weight around because of the job they have or the title in goverment...people need to focus on the man that died and stop giving this politician anymore attention regarding who he is or works..he a average person after goverment closes at 4:30pm monday threw friday....the title of freeholder is a job title in goverment...so people need to just refer to him as john kelly of west creek nj.....now saying this i FEEL VERY SORRY FOR THE KOLBS FAMILY and may you have the justice and closer that you deserve....
bill May 23, 2012 at 04:21 AM
randy...by the way i am sure he wasnt doing tricks on route 9 since the state police are located right before where the accident happened...the day it happened it was a friday evening around 6:30 pm (it is still good light out until 8 pm or later), he was on the way to his deli (kelly's deli next to west creek liquor store)...yes they are both wrong---mr kelly> for crossing double yellow lines while turning left----kolb for passing on the right...but if i am correct the person going straight has the right away no matter if they passing on the right or not....mr kelly should had made sure that no one was coming before turning...so by saying the things you are it makes most of us feel you think it is alright for mr kelly to be right because of who he is monday threw friday from 8 am to 4:30 pm (freeholder kelly from ocean county).. his title and political position should not make it ok to not carry the same rules and laws as me and all the other people who dont carry those titles in goverment would have to follow and be held to...regardless of who you think is right (YOU NEVER SAY I DONT FEEL SORRY FOR THE FAMILY OF THE PERSON THAT DIED) they died and no matter right or wrong..its hard on that family--would you want that said about someone you care about and love...yes we are intitled to our own opinions...i have a family member that was hit head on by someone that should not have been behind the wheel...he was stopped at stop sign waiting to turn....he survived thankfully
John B Taxpayer May 23, 2012 at 09:01 AM
Just honest, you spineless jellyfish. Which of my amendments, that I fought, for would you like to take away from me? The 1st? The 2nd? The 4th? Molon labe- Come and Take 'em!
Richard Lomauro May 26, 2012 at 01:14 AM
Will was a very good friend of mine and a VERY smart person. He would have never passed a car "in a hurry heading into on coming traffic" Some of these comments are just plain rude and inconciderate... I understand accidents happen but at the same time, people need to take responsiblity for their actions. PS- who here can honestly say they havent passed a car on the right before? this is new jersey, if you dont pass on the right then everyone honks and calls you an asshole.


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