Crime Down in Toms River in 2013, Report Shows

Overall crime drops 13 percent in 2013; burglaries, robberies decreased from 2012

Despite statistics that show Toms River as the state's eighth largest municipality for heroin abuse, crime overall was down about 13 percent in 2013 compared to 2012.

The New Jersey State Police issued their final report this week on 2013 crime data, which showed Toms River police charged 3,183 crimes in 2013 compared with 3,682 crimes in 2012.

Of those crimes where a statistically significant change was reported, burglaries were down 25.6 percent between the two years, from 640 in 2012 to 476 in 2013. Thefts were down by a more nominal margin of 9 percent, from 2,215 in 2012 to 2,004 in 2013.

A total of 23 vehicles were stolen in 2013 compared with 38 in 2012 – a 39.5 percent drop.

Robberies involving a weapon or strong-arm tactics edged up slightly, from 40 to 42 between the two years, while assaults involving a weapon and aggravated assaults dropped from 37 to 17. Simple assaults were down slightly, from 707 in 2012 to 617 in 2013.

There were no murders in Toms River in 2013, compared to two in 2012, the statistics showed. The number of rapes rose from three to four between the two years.
VJ January 09, 2014 at 08:21 AM
Thanks TRPD!
SpeakingTruth January 14, 2014 at 01:54 PM
Well it's not surprising with the increase of heroin in the area that crime will go up this next year an maybe the 100+ overdoes deaths have a lot to do with the crime going down if I was to move back home and wanted to relapse I could find a heroin dealer in 10 minutes or less but somehow there not littered in the news like trash on our beaches or the corrupt politicians


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