New Traffic Signal at Old Freehold and Intermediate Way

The new light is now in place as part of the traffic remediation for the parkway exit 83

up at Old Freehold Road and Intermediate West Way is scheduled to be activated today. The new traffic pattern is part of county road improvements relating to the Exit 83 parkway interchange.

Old Freehold Road, a county road, gained the traffic light which will regulate traffic through the intersection with Intermediate North Way.

Now Intermediate Way has traffic signals on each end, with the first going up at the main entrance to the Route 571 intersection with the new parkway connector road. This, the second light, at Old Freehold Road and Intermediate Way, will help regulate the traffic heading toward or off the parkway interchange.

It will also impact traffic such as the Toms River Intermediate North School buses, but the activation of the Old Freehold Road traffic light comes after school is out.

The work was approved last year by the Ocean County Freeholders and overseen by the county road department. The improvements were expected to cost $275,000 and improve access to Toms River Intermediate North, according to county Engineer Frank Scarantino.

pbrTR June 15, 2012 at 12:38 AM
Can't wait till all the gov't subsidized "renters" that live under the power lines complain about the noise. Should be interesting.
Lori Ann June 15, 2012 at 01:48 PM
If they are truly subsidized then they need to deal with it. When you're getting something for almost nothing you need find a way to deal. When you buy (don't know about rent, but guessing would be the same) they must have disclosed these plans to prospective buyers (and guessing also renters).


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