Ortley Residents Can Arrive With Contractors in This Week's Access Plan

Toms River township announces plans to allow "ample time" for barrier island residents

A plan that would allow what many Ortley Beach residents have been clamoring for — hours to winterize homes and address issues woth contractors and insurance adjusters — is coming this week.

Toms River Township announced the third phase of access for the Ortley Beach section of the barrier island, starting this Friday.

Phase Three, the final stage, is for all owners to spend "ample time with contractors, insurance adjusters and winterize homes," according to the township.

On the whole, residents are still barred from living in their homes as part of an ongoing mandatory evacaution after Hurricane Sandy.

Toms River officials reffered to Ortley Beach as the hardest hit section of town, with whole buildings shook from their foundations and widespread sinkholes.

 The plans as announced on the township website:

Friday              NOVEMBER 23, 2012- Washington Ave. west to the bay (From Lavallette to Seaside)

Saturday          NOVEMBER 24, 2012- Washington Ave. east to Rt. 35 South

Sunday            NOVEMBER 25, 2012- Rt. 35 South to the Ocean


  • Based on the above locations, residents of Ortley Beach will be provided access to their homes from 08:00 AM to 3:00PM.   Beginning at 2 pm, the roadways are transitioned into construction lanes for heavy equipment transversing the roadways.  
  • Residents are requested to have identification and a proof of ownership for the house they are entering (Driver's license, tax or utility bill.) Police will be doing additional checks at homes.
  • Residents will arrive over the Rt. 37 bridge via their own car and may begin the process of flood remediation and winterization. It is strongly suggested that residents work with their respective homeowners' association to have contractors on site to assist in the winterization process.
  • One car per household (as many people that can fit in one car.) Reminder that there are no facilities or utilities there. Translation- no bathroom, and you will not be able to flush your toilets. You will be able to come and go throughout the day.
  • Insurance adjusters may go over the bridge to see customers. Contractors may meet you over there for the purpose of winterization only.  They are not to solicit jobs. No major construction can take place at this time as the home owners only have one day to re-enter. Have your contractor see the section entitled, "Contractor and Insurance Adjuster Registration For Access to the Barrier Island."
  • Access to communities other than those listed for a particular day will be denied. A controlled re-entry for Phase three will enable all people to get to their homes. Arriving on a day not scheduled will only slow the process.
  • Vehicle size restriction- No large moving vans will be allowed to enter at this time. You may attach a small trailer.
  • The roads are very narrow in many areas.  Residents are urged to comply with these guidelines to ensure all residents future access.  
  • The Route 37 E bridge will not open until 8 am.
    Resident traffic are to stay in the right and center lane. The left lane is for emergency vehicles only.
  • The homes and infrastructure in many areas have been severely damaged. As such, ALL RESIDENTS CHOOSING TO VOLUNTARILY ENTER THEIR HOMES TO INSPECT/REMOVE PERSONAL ITEMS DO SO AT THEIR OWN RISK.
  • Residents are reminded to use caution in and around their homes.
  • Residents will not be permitted to wander to other unsecured areas.
  • Residents should throw out unwanted items at curb side, but on their property so as to not block the streets. You may have your contractor haul your trash for faster removal.
Hurting in Ortley November 22, 2012 at 12:27 AM
Diane, we in Ortley should start a pettition to remove ourselves from Toms River Township, maybe this would get their attention. I know it's wishful thinking but if we could get enough signatures and they thought about the tax base of Ortley, maybe things would move along a little more.
Hurricane Sandy November 22, 2012 at 12:08 PM
@ Hurting in Ortley When you head down to your property for visitation day. Walk around with a petition for all the people to sign. Also find a friend in the other section to do it in their area.
Marsha November 22, 2012 at 07:15 PM
I have a few questions for Toms River Town Officials. 1. Beyond the dates posted on your site for Phase III will I be allowed to re-enter after the December 6th date, or is the Island being "closed down." Residents do not have ample time to either address the devestation of our homes or make some type of intelligent decision on how to handle the damage if the island will be shut for resident access after the 6th. 2. On the issue of property taxes: has legislation been enacted to allow the Tax Assessor to re-assess resident properties, as the assessed value is no longer there. Will there be a moratorium placed on property taxes? On another note, it is has been brought to my attention be a recent newspaper article that the barrier island has been paying 33% of the total taxes for the Township. How is this fair? Most of the homes on the barrier island are inhabited only 10 weeks/year.with no services from Sept-May. I have read numerous blogs about disgruntled mainland residents. Tthey are up in arms that their taxes will most likely increase. The last reassessment increased the property taxes of barrier island residents in excess of 100%, while REDUCING property taxes for is those living on the mainland. The mainland residents should realize that if the barrier island is nothing but a "barrier island", or a "sand dune" as it has been referenced, those mainland folks will be fronting 100% of the Township budget. They should be careful what they wish for.
Mark November 22, 2012 at 08:13 PM
Marsha, Don't expect too many answers from our elected officials in Toms River Township. They and the political hacks that were appointed as Dept heads are in crises control and hide mode. Notice that all the other barrier island communities have had meetings to specifically address the storm issues our have not! That's why we all must go to the next scheduled township meeting at 6 PM on Tuesday 11/27/12 at Town Hall 33 Washington St.
Bill Cooper November 22, 2012 at 09:55 PM
Marsha, as Mark posted earlier, we have to call gov. Christie and let him know he has to lift the mandatory evacuation. If not Toms River will continue to make whatever rules they believe are best. (Not in our best interest). We must also make call to the tax accessor and maybe when they have do do thousands of reaccessments and see their tax base eroding then maybe something will get done. As for the Dec. 6th access date, that seems to be the last visit to the barrier islands for now. :-(


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