Pair Charged With Leaving Body of Brick Man in T.R. Parking Lot

Two suspects now being lodged in Ocean County Jail

Anthony “Skipper” Noland and Tara Roberts. (Photos: Ocean County Jail)
Anthony “Skipper” Noland and Tara Roberts. (Photos: Ocean County Jail)
A pair of Monmouth County residents have been charged with disposing of a Brick man's dead body in a Toms River parking lot.

Anthony “Skipper” Noland, 49, of School Avenue in Asbury Park and Tara Roberts, 40, of Ridge Avenue in Neptune, are facing charges of purposely failing to dispose of human remains as required by law as authorities continue their investigation into the death of John J. Dunn, 43, of London Road in Brick.

According to a joint statement issued Monday by Ocean County Prosecutor Joseph D. Coronato and Toms River Police Chief Mitch Little, Toms River officers were called to the corner of Route 9 and Sunset Avenue at about 6:40 p.m. March 31 for an unresponsive person lying on the ground after a passing motorist phoned in the report after seeing the man in the dirt lot.

When police arrived they found Dunn on the south west corner of the intersection, unresponsive. He was later pronounced dead at the scene, the statement said.

The investigative efforts of Toms River Detective Randy Petrick and Ocean County Prosecutors Office Detective Brian Haggerty of the Major Crimes Unit led to the identification of a 2000 Ford Taurus, which in turn led authorities to the suspects in the case.

"It is alleged that the death of Mr. Dunn occurred at an undisclosed location in Monmouth County and he was driven to Toms River where he was removed from the vehicle by the defendants and left in the parking lot," the statement said.

Investigators are awaiting autopsy and toxicology reports; there were no obvious signs of trauma to Mr. Dunn, authorities said.

Bail for Noland and Roberts was set at $25,000 each and both were lodged in the Ocean County Jail pending a first court appearance.
Stephanie Haskell April 16, 2014 at 01:30 PM
I read all the above comments... I knew John since I was 15 and he was a character. I dated him and was engaged to him for a few years when he was in his 20-30's. John was a good guy, he had issues, yes his girls were neglected in the sense that he wasn't there he was an alcoholic it was in his DNA nothing he could have done could have taken that demon away. He tried to stay with the mother of his girls but I know that she was not staying in NJ she was leaving NJ and when she told him this she was done with him. John wasn't going because of his family here and he wasn't going due to an ultimatum I know this because I picked him up from the apartment there in Barnegat a few times and was with him before and after there kids were born. John loved his girls and regardless if he was there or not, I know that was a demon that he carried till the very end. When she left he knew he would never see them unless she came back and she wasn't she was done and there relationship was over. As far as what happened to him, I know John and he would hang with the best of them and he would always be the last one standing. His mind always, ALWAYS be thinking about his demons and he voiced it as soon as he was lit he missed them and wished his life was different. Knowing he was killed by more than beer it sucks and those idiots should be ashamed of themselves. They should be made to stay in jail, get sober and live with what the judge orders as there punishment. My heart goes out to his Mom, Kathleen, Joe and his kids. I pray that one day his kids understand that his addiction had ahold of him and wasn't letting go and if he could have traded his life for anything he would have made it so you 3 would always be at the top of his list. Sympathy's XO Stephanie H.
Jane Doh April 30, 2014 at 03:38 AM
My deepest condolences to this family. Unfortunately, crimes like this will continue to happen. When someone is partying together and one ODs, the other is often arrested for their death if its a fatality. This causes more addicts to not seek proper help (plus their judgement is obviously impaired). The war on drugs is still raging, why cause more casualties? Let hospitals be a safe place again to bring addicts that are ODing. Take the 7 year prison sentence out of the picture and perhaps we won't read about unfortunate deaths like this one.
Jane Doh April 30, 2014 at 03:46 AM
The don't ask, don't tell law that was purported has nothing to do with dropping someone off safely at a hospital without repercussions. Don't ask don't tell was for gays in military. There is no such law. When someone is brought to hospital overdosing, there is always police involvement.
Lynnea Tetesco July 18, 2014 at 12:39 AM
I find it fucking ridiculous EVERYONE just needs to know about this. He was my fucking step-father. This should be no one else's business but MY family.


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