PHOTOS: Labor Day At The Shore

A trip to the Seaside Heights boardwalk yields the usual amusements as well as police presence

Some of the sights during on the boardwalk and boulevard of and .

It's Friday night and it's not packed as the season draws to an end. No traffic over the bridge from Toms River into the evening. Plenty of room to walk along the boardwalk and plenty of seats on the rides and in the pizzeria. After Irene, some of the signage of the boardwalk arcades and bars is a bit battered, with some neon or lightbulbs out and some marquee signs bent.

The fireworks were postponed due to high tide continuing to come up abnormally high on the beach, leaving not enough sands to stage the fireworks from.

Families, friends and couples of all ages were out, though, taking a ride on the l or trying to peg a caricature of Snooki for boardwalk stand prizes. Italian sausage and slices were served up, as were pints and shots in the bars and clubs.

Seaside Heights police officers on foot, bike, and smart car were on the boardwalk, as was the K-9 unit. was stationed on the corner near the , and police cars were visible throughout and Seaside Park as the night raged on.

Check out our gallery of images from Labor Day weekend.


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