Police Nab Suspects, Make Arrests In Several Recent Burglaries

Spike in residential burglaries is drug-related, police chief says


Toms River police have made a several arrests in recent burglaries, many of them drug-related, Toms River Police Chief Michael G. Mastronardy said.

"The police department is working diligently with the neighbors in apprehending those that are involved with criminal activity," the chief said. "The department believes a spike in residential burglaries is a direct result of an epidemic with regards to abuse of heroin and prescription drugs in our state."

Glenn Kearney, 36, 112 Melville Avenue, was arrested on Sept. 20, after a resident called police about a suspicious male near his Silverton Road home. When the resident asked Kearney why he was in the area, Kearney told him he was looking for landscaping work, then left on a blue motorcycle. Three hours later, Patrolman Ryan Rush arrested Kearney on Old Freehold Road on a $500 outstanding warrant from Toms River and a $750 warrant from Lakewood.

Police recovered jewelry and a pry bar tool at the time of Kearney's arrest. He was later charged with attempted burglary of a Silverton Road home and the burglary of a Yorktowne Road home in Holiday City on Sept. 18. Kearney's total bail was set at $100,000, with no ten percent option.

Detectives also recovered evidence related to a June 15 burglary and another burglary in Holiday City. The investigation is continuing, Mastronardy said.

Police arrested William T. Rome III, 32, 5 Northumberland Drive, Berkeley Township on Sept. 22 and charged  him with burglary and theft of a home on Cypress Road earlier this week where more than $10,000 was removed from a safe. He was also charged with possession of narcotics. The investigation is continuing.

Patrolman Adam Koeppen stopped Rome in his silver Acura at the intersection of Route 37 and Mule Road after he became a suspect in two Toms River burglaries, Mastronardy said

Detective Brian Lomer and Louis Santora also arrested Zep Padilla, 38, 34 Dupont Avenue, Seaside Heights, and charged him with the burglary of a Central Avenue home on Tuesday. Padilla is lodged in the Ocean County Jail in Toms River on $100,000 bail, with no ten percent option.

"The department is very grateful for the continuing support it receives from the public who provide information that assists the dedicated officers in protecting our residents," Mastronardy said.

The police department is down 10 officers this year, including two detectives. Another five detectives are slated to retire next year, he said.

"The department is proud of the teamwork between the Detective Bureau and Operations Bureau, who have been extremely busy working to make these and other arrests," Mastronardy said.

Phillip October 01, 2012 at 05:54 AM
6. Get a dog. 7. Exercise your constitutional right to keep a firearm in your home and obtain training in its proper and legal use. Keep it as handy as possible but secured from unauthorized access by children at all times. 8. Educate yourself about the legal aspects of firearms use and the potential consequences if someone is harmed during a home invasion. 9. Keep a fully charged cell phone at your bedside in case your land line is disabled by a home invader. 10. Make sure you can call 911 even if your cell is in "locked" mode and if not, get one that can.
Phillip October 01, 2012 at 05:54 AM
11. Have a safe room with a bolted door and possibly an exit point that family members can reach in case of a home invasion. 12. Hold practice drills that incorporate definite movements and procedures so that you will be able to function effectively when your are awoken from a sound sleep and confronted with a possible home invasion situation. Training may reduce panic and prevent innocent people from getting hurt. 13. Have what you need immediately at hand at night and in the dark such as eyeglasses, flashlight, cell phone and a secure firearm. 14. Install bolt-locks (deadlocks) on all home access doors and on your "panic room" door. 15. Avoid having extra entry keys outside your home and do not label them if you do.
Phillip October 01, 2012 at 05:54 AM
16.Do not have large kitchen knives or other potential weapons where a home invader will easily find and access them upon entering your home. 17. Do not divulge your security details to anyone you do not completely trust. 18. Do not divulge any information to strangers who call you on the phone such as surveys and marketers. 19. Set your phone service to reject anonymous callers. 20. Warn sollicitors and other strangers not to approach your home uninvited. 21. Do not divulge information about the valuables in your home to anyone and instruct you children not to divulge such information to their friends. 22. Keep in mind what visitors to your home may learn about your valuables and your security measures.
gia cataldo October 02, 2012 at 12:03 PM
people have to say something when they see suspiscious characters around their neighborhood. Gia
JR December 06, 2012 at 11:12 AM
@Carol not in toms river you cand get TRPD on a scanner


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