Seaside Heights Police Reject Rumors of Boardwalk Shutdown

Intoxicated male treated after fall, police say

Rumors that the Seaside Heights boardwalk was shut down on Friday night due to fights are not true, police said Saturday afternoon.

Detective Steven Korman of the Seaside Heights Police Department, responding to an email request for information about rumors of multiple fights with injuries, said, "The rumors also said that the boardwalk was shut down due to fights, which is not true."

Korman said the department received a call early Saturday morning reporting an assault in the Ocean block of Franklin Avenues, but the assault was found to be an intoxicated male who passed out. Korman said the man was taken to Community Medical Center, Toms River, where he was treated for minor injuries from a fall.

Last summer, there was a that occurred during a large fight on Memorial Day. And were arrested and the boardwalk was shut down when fights broke out at the close of the July Fourth weekend.

"It is not a normal thing," Korman told Patch at the time.

Tina May 29, 2012 at 03:34 PM
i Live in Seaside year round. I do not walk up to the BW after 9pm because of the issues you all speak of. The sirens did not start until the Bennies showed Friday. My husband had his first "run-in" with a teen girl and she was drunk. She was peeing on the Black decorative light posts across from Ryan's deli. pants and under wear down to her ankles and butt cheeks resting on the pole. WTH? Really. Didn't your mother teach you self-respect. And this was at 6pm in the evening. Her friends were waiting for her at the corner. As my husband passed he told her she is just nasty. Of course she said nothing he believes she was drunk. He said she was couldn't have been more than 16. My apologies for the gross story. And yea I don't want to hear the the show Jersey Shore created this problem because I have been down here way before the show was created and our "out of towners" have all been like this.
Eggs-n-Toast May 29, 2012 at 03:49 PM
Every resort town along the barrier island has gone totally to the dogs because of catering to the "drinking, party crowd" type vacationers, college age people and weekend warriors. There are too many bars. Period. Take out 90% of the bars, open shops and restaurants instead and watch how the demographics change in just a year or two. It could be almost all families and much more sedate if they got rid of the wild weekend party atmosphere (bars/clubs) on every single block, and the boardwalk. They (Seaside and SSP) should probably start by closing THEIR bars at midnight also. That's going to be a nightmare if they don't.
Mat Mills June 02, 2012 at 08:03 PM
Seaside Heights Police work for MTV (Murry Rothstein). The town is beyond corrupt .Our taxes keep going up,while our property values are in free fall. Now the ENTIRE town is parking metered.Its a sanctuary for pedophiles,welfare and drug dealers.90% of Boyd School is illegal aliens and the staff do not have the proper teaching credentials .Keep up the good work guys.Your time will come!
Mat Mills June 02, 2012 at 08:55 PM
Ted,let me know what they're prescribing you.I want some ;p
Kerelin lASPINA August 17, 2012 at 05:30 PM
i live in seaside and i do not go to the boardwalk, its just not the same any more little girls showing to much,the guys acting like dogs in heat, and lets not forget the drunk people that drink and act like fools its a shame the board walk went down hill, and MTV just made it worse by taping there show there if you call that a show it,s just a freak show,


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