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Storm Keeps LBI Emergency Responders on the Move

A lighting strike is just one of several calls the Ship Bottom Volunteer Fire Company had responded to by late afternoon.

SHIP BOTTOM — A bright flash of lighting exploded close to this reporter around 2:30 p.m.

It appeared to have struck the home at 3103 Long Beach Blvd. in Brant Beach.

A few minutes later that was confirmed as trucks from the Ship Bottom and Surf City volunteer fire companies responded to the scene as well as Ship Bottom and Long Beach Township Police and the Beach Haven First Squad.

Firemen went up onto the roof of the home, which was damaged, but fortunately there was no fire.

A Ship Bottom volunteer firefighter who was on the scene said the lighting had apparently struck the chimney.

He also said this was one of only eight “weather-related” calls so far this afternoon as thunderstorms and strong winds blew heavy rain across Long Beach Island.

Boulevard traffic was backed up and congested around the scene. This was further complicated as the traffic light at 28th Street was only blinking, another weather-related casualty.

This is one of the major intersections on the island as Central Avenue, just west of the Boulevard, ends at 28th Street. All traffic must come up to the light to continue south or go back north on the island.

By 5:30 p.m. the light was again operational.

Throughout the afternoon the sounds of sirens could be heard intermingled with thunderous booms and the sound of the torrential rain mixed with hail pounding building and the streets.

Street flooding was not an issue at this time, but could become a problem as the high tide comes into the bay and the storm drains reach capacity with the continued heavy rains forecast to last into the evening.


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