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Suspect At Large in Second Armed Robbery Along Stretch of Route 37

Police search under way for man who brandished knife at stations along Route 37 West near Holiday City

Toms River Police are searching for a man who fled on foot after an attempted armed robbery of a Route 37 gas station near Bananier Drive at 5:30 p.m.

The suspect is believed to be a white male, 5’6” and of medium build, seen wearing a black-hooded sweatshirt, a black hat and black sneakers, said Chief Michael Mastronardy.

The suspect approached a male gas station attendant at the Shell Gas Station on Route 37 West, demanding money and showing a knife, said the police chief.

After the attendant grabbed the man’s arm, the suspect dropped the knife and took off toward Holiday City. He fled south on foot, said Mastronardy.

The police chief said the investigation of today’s incident may be linked with a Nov. 5 incident nearby, at the . Both on Route 37 West, today’s incident is at 1095 Route 37 West while the earlier incident was at 1194 Route 37 West.

“The department is continuing to investigate a similar robbery and the possibility it may be related that occurred on the fifth of November at the Holiday Service Center,” he said.

In the Nov. 5 incident, a white male in his early 20s brandishing a knife approached an employee of Holiday Service Center and demanded money, police said.

The alleged suspect, described as 5'9" and 155 lbs., took $100 from the 17-year-old male attendant and fled on foot north on Sumner Avenue, Mastronardy said.

At the time of the Nov. 5 robbery, the suspect was wearing a brown pullover hooded sweatshirt that read "Billa Bong" in white letters on the front, blue jeans and black sneakers, Mastronardy said.

Investigating are Detective Chris Fluck, Officer Michael Cassidy, Chris Raia and the Ocean County Sheriff’s Department.

Mattie November 11, 2011 at 03:15 PM
I say FORTUNATELY you will never see that in NJ. (At least I hope not). Will it really make us all feel "safer" if some 14, 16, or 18 yr old kid gets shot down like a dog because some Clint Eastwood wannabe thought he was being "righteous" by saving the gas station owners 50 bucks? Come on.
Karen November 11, 2011 at 03:49 PM
@Mattie thanks so much, my oversight for not reading prior stories. I was shocked to hear about the hold up at quick chek, missed that one too. I agree most likely not from holiday city, but sees it as an easy target and if car waiting very easy to allude people, if you don't know the streets it's easy to get lost. Working up there every day for years, many people would be shocked to see the activites that go on.
Catherine Galioto November 11, 2011 at 03:50 PM
The times are included above. The earlier incident was Nov. 5. There is no police sketch of the suspect; only the description above. No other information available.
Karen November 11, 2011 at 03:57 PM
Thanks Rich,and OMG I'd rather see a ban on any and all guns! Totally agree with Mattie, just imagining the lunatics driving on our roads having guns would make me become a hermit, I'd never leave the house, and I'd electric fence my property lol. They say Bobbies in London do not even carry guns and have less crime. Just think no shootings accidental or otherwise. My stepfather was a cop hated that the gun was in house, and never even had slightest curiosity to touch or use it. And no never made me feel safer that it was there.
Mattie November 11, 2011 at 04:19 PM
No Problem Karen. :-) I know about that development because I grew up in (east side of) TR, and during my high school years used to hang out in that Summit East section - because I had friends there. Not too much shocks me anymore.... maybe because I always try to remind myself to 'keep things in perspective'. It helps. ;-)


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