UPDATE: Toms River Home "Unsafe" After Thanksgiving Fire Destroys Vehicles, Spreads

Car fire spread to home, officials say

Authorities are investigating a Thanksgiving morning fire that severely damaged a Toms River home and destroyed two vehicles.

The fire occurred at 1025 Lakewood Road at 11:50 a.m. Thursday morning and was extinguished by firefighters from Toms River Fire companies 1 and 2, said Jim Mercready, Director of Toms River Fire Prevention.

"The fire originated in one vehicle and extended to a second vehicle and the structure," Mercready said. 

The vehicles were located approximately three feet from the structure at the time of the fire.

The residential house was posted as an unsafe structure and cannot be reoccupied until repairs are made, said Mercready.

The East Dover Fire Company also responded to the blaze, which was fought under the direction of Toms River Fire Company #2 Chief Ed Storino.  No civilian of firefighter injuries were reported, said Mercready.


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