Toms River Fire Depts. Respond to Pole Fires, Downed Wires During Storm

Storm response continued through Sunday

It was a weekend of fire suppression for the six fire departments of Toms River, who responded to multiple pole fires, downed wires and structural investigations.

A evening storm left a multitude of fallen trees and branches in Toms River, fire officials said Monday. A total of 50 storm-related incidents drew response from the volunteer fire departments in Toms River.

Tuesday, only five customers in Toms River were without power, according to Jersey Central Power & Light. The utility reported as many as 16,000 in Toms River were in the dark.

continued to be a cleanup project throughout town on Tuesday. The storm ripped portions of the Bey Lea municipal golf course nets along Route 571.

According to Toms River Fire District 1 Chief John Lightbody and President Fire District Officers Association Bob Sinnott, the storm kept firefighters busy from 7:40 p.m. Saturday to 8:02 a.m. Sunday, which saw 50 incidents.

Firefighters responded to 18 incidents involving wires, trees and transformer fires in Toms Rier. Toms River Fire Co. No. 1 and 2 responded to four such reports, while Silverton saw nine.

The fire companies also tended to structural issues throughout town, specifically two incidents in Pleasant Plains and three in the Toms River Fire Co. No. 1 & 2 area.

On the barrier island, Ocean Beach station 27 responded to two calls for wire or pole fires. And East Dover saw six fire alarms activated.

Fire District #2 consisting of Silverton Fire Co, Stations 29 and Pleasant Plains Fire Co, Station 30 also responded to a total of 25 incidents.

Silverton fire company's boat unit was activated for a water rescue incident, Sinnott said. Pleasant Plains responded to an appliance fire.

Firefighters responded throughout the storm performing fire suppression, and investigation activities, said the two officers.

Volunteers were using chain saws to clear roadways throughout Toms River from fallen trees and debris. 

Fire Police also responded to multiple incidents to assist the Police Department with traffic safety, and security in and around the incidents involving obstructed roadways.

John V July 10, 2012 at 09:20 PM
The firefighters were busy I'm sure...but when I read articles like this it only serves to remind me why our taxes are so high. We have 6 separate fire departments and 2 fire districts in toms River? Each with its own Chief and other personnel. We don't have 6 police departments in Toms river, why do we need 6 fire departments, 2 of which are located 2 blocks from each other? We should only have 1, a unified department for Toms River Township, with 1 chief...not 6. Close useless fire stations 2 blocks from each other and get rid of some of those shiny trucks they seem to buy every year. There will still be plenty of trucks for the rest of the stations while at the same time showing some goodwill for the taxpayers of this town. Maybe something like this... Toms River Fire Department Station 1 - Downtown - Water Street Station 2 - Hooper Avenue Station 3 - Pleasant Plains Station 4 - North Dover Station 5 - Silverton Station 6 - East Dover Station 7 - Ocean Beach
Tom Kluender July 11, 2012 at 01:47 PM
John I'm not sure if you think the chiefs are paid. I can yell you they are not. Having two fire districts cost you no more than 1 would cost. Having a volunteer department saves the taxpayer money. Can you imagine the cost for medical insurance alone. New apparatus is necessary whether you like it or not. To get the coverage we have now without the volunteers would cost in the multiple millions. Be careful for what you ask for.


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