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Toms River Police Arrest Man With 170 Bags of Heroin at Motel

Police: Man had drugs and paraphernalia, $47K in cash on his person

Toms River police arrested a man they say had 170 bags of heroin and drug paraphernalia at a township motel Sunday afternoon.

Police were called to the Ramada Inn located at the intersection of Route 70 and Route 9 at about 1:53 p.m. by hotel staff after they attempted to evict Anthony J. Levine, 23, of Lakewood, for being under the influence and causing a disturbance, police spokesman Ralph Stocco said.

Hotel staff also told police that Levine threatened to assault employees.

Upon arrival, officers observed Levine to be under the influence of an unknown substance, Stocco said, and an investigation revealed that he had several wax folds of heroin in his pants pockets. 

Levine was placed under arrest and a further search resulted in the seizure of 170 wax folds of heroin, 11 hypodermic needles, and three glass pipes commonly used to smoke illegal narcotics, said Stocco. 

In addition to the possession of drugs and paraphernalia, Levine was in possession of $47,228 in United States currency that was seized pending a potential forfeiture hearing before a judge, said Stocco.

Levine was charged with possession of a controlled substance, possession of heroin with the intent to distribute, possess of hypodermic needles, and two counts of possessing drug paraphernalia.

A photo of Levine was not available.
Marynary March 19, 2014 at 10:15 AM
At $3 per bag that $47,228 would represent 15,742 bags that this guy either sold or was ready to buy. Lots of pain and suffering in 15,742 hits of heroin.
fed up March 19, 2014 at 02:03 PM
its amazing to me how, this story has 9 comments and Sammy the dog has over 50. just goes to show how many are more interested in a dog than our children. sick.
grace March 19, 2014 at 02:26 PM
wow thought the ramada was an ok hotel..guess i am mistaken with the gun play and drugs it looks like its a little too close to lakewood..feel bad for families who have paid big money to have weddings there..
Bryan Kerrigan March 20, 2014 at 12:39 AM
why do people think police can solve this problem? locking people up does nothing to deter future drug use. especially when drugs are in the jails, and who pays the bills to put them away where their friends and drugs are waiting? its a joke
Bayville Res April 17, 2014 at 08:34 AM
May be some drugs in jail I wouldn't know but doubt any one inmate has 170 bags of dope. If the addict tuerrns themselves in it means they most likely swallowed something in a bag so they wont withdrawal in jail. Its called bringing your own meds lol


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