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Toms River Police Investigating Pedestrian & Motorcycle Accidents

Pedestrian and motorcycle rider transported to Jersey Shore University Medical Center in separate accidents

According to Toms River Township Police Chief Michael Mastronardy, the department is currently investigating a pair of recent accidents involving both pedestrians and motorcycles.

“William Callahan, 46, of Gardina Way in Toms River, was walking his bicycle across Route 9 near Swain Avenue at about 4 p.m. on Friday, when he was struck by a southbound Cadillac operated by Carolyn George of Toms River,” said the chief.

Callahan was transported to Jersey Shore University Medical Center’s trauma unit with a head injury, and George was treated at Community Medical Center.  According to Traffic Safety Officer Steven Schwartz, Callahan walked into traffic in front of the Cadillac. He was assisted at the scene by Officer George Fernicola.

In addition, Toms River law enforcement authorities are looking into a motorcycle accident that occurred at 4:30 p.m. on Friday afternoon, at Route 70 and Whitesville Road. 

“James Perna, 39, of Nutley, New Jersey was heading westbound on Route 70, when he apparently lost control of his Harley Davidson motorcycle, and as a result was ejected from the bike,” said Chief Mastronardy.

Perna was driven to Jersey Shore University Medical Center’s trauma unit by the Silverton First Aid Squad. Traffic Safety Officer Terry Warren and Sergeant Chris Dudzik are investigating the crash, along with the Ocean County Sheriff’s Department.

Lenny October 08, 2012 at 06:51 PM
I suppose there's not much more info available, but what does "he lost control of the motorcycle" mean?? he took his hands of the bars to comb his hair?? answer his phone?? pick his nose?? Motorcyles and cars don't loose control of themselves, it take's some kind of input (or lack of) from the operator. When you focus on the task at hand, driving or riding, the vehicle doesn't loose control. The article doesn't mention a second vehicle so how did this happen ??
Carrie October 13, 2012 at 12:23 PM
Not aure what Lennys interest is in my friends accident - its obvious that its still under investigation if he could speak or a witness would speak up we would know more. Not sure of your concern on this matter or article but to throw comments about brushing hair etc is unacceptable for you to make. He was enjoying one last ride on a nice fall day and at 430pm on a Friday when everyone else on the road is rushing home from work, how about that or perhaps a pot hole from a poorly taken care of road way or gravel from a dumptruck a nail in his tire or a malfunctioning bike. When someone who is very very upset by this accident reads your comment it doesnt read as nice or out of any concern it appears to mainly lie blame on the operator of the motorcycle. You need to Get a life, only comment on people you know or at the very least learn to have a lil common respect for others like his family and friends who are at his bedside in ICU dealing with their own trauma from this......please do not write anything back here. I will demand any and all comments be removed. Nobody should ever comment an accident unless a witness (even then they shouldnt) if they know the parties involved personally or just to offer sympathy and prayer. Put our shoes on your feet would you like these comment about someone you care about who cannot wake up to respond, and believe me you are lucky on that!
Jenna February 22, 2013 at 09:55 PM
Lenny don't be an ass why did u even bother posting your small minded opinion on here go take a a walk


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