Colfax Street Parking Ban Up for Modification

Only north side of street would have two hour parking limit under proposed change

About a month after approving a parking ban on Colfax Street, Toms River's Township Council has introduced an ordinance allowing parking on one side for a set duration.

The ordinance introduced in late-January would lift the parking ban along the entire street and put into place a two hour parking limit on the entire length of Colfax's north side. 

The initial parking ban, passed in December, came from the township's police department, according to Business Administrator Paul Shives, as did the recommendation for the proposed alteration. 

At the time of approval of the ordinance banning parking along the entire street, Councilman Mo Hill — then serving as council president — said in response to a resident concerned about the ban's effects that the prohibition could always be modified.

"If we have to revisit this in the future, we can do that. If we find that this is an issue, we can revise the ordinance," he said when the ordinance was passed in December. 

Council members will vote on the change at their next meeting, scheduled for Feb. 11. If passed, the new rules would take effect 20 days after publication and once appropriate signage has been posted, according to the ordinance. 

i don't get it?? February 04, 2013 at 01:41 PM
Who's going to keep a time watch on this??? It's been so much easier to drive on Colfax lately, and easier to turn on and off of Main Street...if they're going to change it, the parking should start AFTER the first Church driveway off of Main Street...one side parking is not a bad thing...


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