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Downtown Toms River Parking Deck Closures Scheduled Today through June

Some levels scheduled to close temporarily, starting this week

Though has led to road closures and one-way traffic, the next phase of the reconstruction of the downtown Toms River parking deck will close whole levels to parking starting today.

Installation of columns and steel will shutter sections of the parking garage, located between Robbins and Horner streets, through May 30.

The parking closures mark a new set of inconveniences to township employees or downtown visitors using the parking garage. The upper deck, often used by library patrons, will be completely closed for about a month and see scheduled closures this week.

Township Engineer Bob Chankalian announced the following closures:

  • April 16: Half of the upper deck will be closed. Middle and lower levels will be open.
  • April 17: Upper deck completely closed. Middle and lower levels open.
  • April 18: Middle level closed. Half the upper level closed. Lower level open.
  • April 19: Half the upper level closed. Middle and lower levels open.
  • April 20-26: Half the upper deck closed. Sporadic closures to middle and lower levels.
  • April 30-May 30: Upper deck closed. Township employees will have limited access to the parking garage middle and lower levels during construction.

The project began this winter as construction fence encircled the three-level parking garage and took up space for construction materials in portions of the lot across the street on Water street and Robbins Parkway. So far, traffic patterns were sporadically changed for the project, creating one-way traffic along Wilsey Way and Horner Street at times.

Chankalian said that while visitors may be inconvenienced by the project, township employees are also affected by the construction.

For about a month, employees will not be able to get to their parked vehicles as the area will be unsafe for people to enter, the engineer said.

Their vehicles will be off limits if parked in the garage after May 30. Access will only be permitted from 8:15 to 8:45 a.m. and from noon to 1 p.m. and after 4:30 p.m., the small windows of time employees might be arriving or leaving work, or using a lunch break.


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