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How Does Toms River's Tax Burden Compare With N.J., Ocean County?

New Jersey residents – for numerous reasons – suffer the burden of having to pay the nation's highest property taxes.

But how does Toms River stack up compared to other towns in New Jersey and Ocean County?

Though township residents are facing a 3.8 cent per $100 valuation tax hike on the municipal portion of their property tax bills this year, data from the township shows the average Toms River taxpayer will spend significantly less than the average New Jersey resident.

In 2013, the average New Jersey resident paid $7,988 in combined local, school district and county property taxes in 2013 — a 1.7 percent jump from the previous year, NJ.com reported.

According to township documents, the average Toms River taxpayer had to fork over $4,758 last year, about 41 percent less than the state average.

When compared to other towns in Ocean County, Toms River's taxpayers were still ranked in the lowest third in the county – 23rd out of the county's 33 municipalities. The Ocean County average combined tax bill was $6,118 last year, 22 percent higher than Toms River's average.

The average municipal tax bill (separate from school district or county taxes) has staggered for several years in Toms River, however. Over the last four years, residents paid $1,274 in 2013 and $1,413 in 2012, the highest and lowest. With the proposed jump in 2014's tax bill, the average resident is projected to pay $1,365 in municipal property taxes.
KC April 08, 2014 at 01:12 AM
Paul E Taylor...at least those "union corrupted" townships have a job base and not the piney shi.t show available locally for seven bucks an hour. As I say night after night, WE GET NO SERVICES IN OCEAN COUNTY. Garbage collection is the one and only service still provided. The white middle class has been placed on a reservation. Whether you call it a development, a Green briar, a Renaissance, a Lion Head or a Holiday you are on a reservation while the majority of so called minorities take over those parts of the state that actually have services. Look at how the Abbott school districts eat up the lion's share of school monies to learn the formula. The same formula applies to medical, where we sit for hours in overbooked medical parks and Walgreens while the Medicaid assisted get their butts stroked in prestigious hospitals and prescription medicine is dispensed on the spot - all carte blanche. The poor underprivileged have taken over, demanding their rights to free everything while we pay the tab and our children attend broken-down, substandard schools. We endure unpaved roads, shoddy half assed leaf removal, volunteer fire fighting,overcrowding etc. having only the common decency of the late great middle class to console us. It is bass akwards from start to finish with the liar lawyers stealing with both hands and doing nothing to improve anything! GET THE GOD DAMNABLE LAWYERS OUT OF POLITICS AND YOU WILL GET YOUR COUNTRY BACK! Politics should reflect a cross section of society- have a doctor, a teacher, an electrician, a carpenter and a bus driver instead of some liar school graduate running things. Thanks for letting me blow off steam.
Securevelope April 08, 2014 at 09:06 AM
Ah as usual the article throws it's government "funny math" into the mix so you feel good about paying less than others. Someone omitted the two separate taxes you have to pay that are NOT included on your yearly tax bill - the sewer and water bills! That's right. those are taxes and if you miss a payment on that sewer bill, your house goes up for auction without so much as a reminder notice. They put these 'late notices' as auctions in the NEWSPAPERS - and I'm not sure which one - and expect you to be looking in there. Seriously? So add a 'couple' hundred more dollars to your yearly tax bill for "accuracy". The funny part was when I got my higher tax bill this year I called up the township and they had the nerve to tell me my taxes actually were LOWER than in the past! Really? I bought my house and my yearly taxes were $1900.00. They are now over $3500.00 - and every year that brown envelope comes with a letter inside telling me how great they are doing and how proud they are that taxes have not been raised in decades. Whoever does the books needs to go back to remedial math class because no matter how I spin it, $3500 is more than $1900!
Chief Wahoo April 08, 2014 at 09:33 AM
I'm sure this post will be on Nee' s resume when he applies for his local crony GOP job.
Robert Osenenko April 09, 2014 at 10:37 AM
Just for you in Toms River. What is rich when it comes to property taxes? You can answer this yourself. Go to the property tax office, and look at what large banks, corp offices, investment firms, utilities pay. Factor in those business tx incentives they get. Then compare to residential. Who do you think pays for lower taxed high commercial businesses? What would happen if your home received the business deductions they receive? Who do you think pays for those so-called business tax incentives? The balance has to be made up somewhere.
Rich49 April 20, 2014 at 07:50 PM
Ladies and Gentlemen. The time has come to exempt ALL homeowners over 62 years old from paying school taxes. Not the dismal state exemption ( only if you make almost nothing each year) a FULL exemption of all taxes going to the educational system. I have no children and have never had children in the Ocean County School System. I should not pay for the attending children or pay for the pensions that have been raided by the towns. Let them use all of the Lottery money for that and stop redirecting the funds. We need a vote across the state on this subject.


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