Input Your Address To Find FEMA Base Flood Elevation

FEMA releases search engine allowing residents to learn more about base flood elevation

New "Advisory Base Flood Elevations" are now posted to this interactive map from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, which the agency says should provide a post-Hurricane Sandy picture of flood risk as residents rebuild.

Residents can input an address and see what the advisory base flood elevation is specific to that location, as FEMA updates its site.

The interactive map aims to equip residents "with more precise information about the flood risk they face, allowing them to make more informed decisions to reduce their personal risk to life and property," announced FEMA in a recent statement. However, the figures are "advisory" and many towns — Manasquan included — are processing the advisories and have yet to pass local ordinances adopting them since FEMA released the data Dec. 15.

With a storm surge and continued flooding along waterfront areas after Hurricane Sandy, the advisory base flood elevation hopes to answer the question: "How high is high enough?" to avoid flooded homes. As many destroyed homes are rebuilt, homeowners may use the base elevation to decide the height of lifts and pillars that property should be built on to avoid flooding issues.

Belmar and Manasquan each saw more than a thousand homes each flooded from Hurricane Sandy's storm surge, officials said.

The ABFE site's information aims to prove helpful to residents, landowners and town planners as it has "information to understand where flood risk exists and to decide whether to build to higher elevations based on what has been learned from Sandy," according to FEMA.

More resources are available on FEMA's ABFE page for New Jersey and New York.

foggyworld January 07, 2013 at 03:03 PM
I did do that and found two mistakes and wrote to Fema. They responded with an "it's not my job" answer. They say they only processed information provided to them by Berkeley Township when the new maps were drawn. They suggest that one go to Berkeley Town Hall and find the person or persons who submitted data and see if we can straighten things out. Ultimately I will do that. But don't count on Fema to be accountable for even its own maps.
charlie January 08, 2013 at 12:46 AM
I can't believe Silver Lake in Belmar doesn't have a flood area arouind it and Lake Como does. Both flooded blocks away from the lakes.


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