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Toms River Attorney Nominated as New Ocean County Prosecutor

Joseph D. Coronato would replace Marlene Lynch Ford

Joseph D. Coronato has been nominated by Gov. Chris Christie to become the new Ocean County prosecutor, pending state senate approval.

Coronato, a longtime Toms River resident and attorney, now with the firm of Coronato, Brady and Kunz, 12 Madison Ave., Toms River, would replace Marlene Lynch Ford, who was appointed by Gov. Jon Corzine in June 2007.

Coronato could not be reached for comment.

The nomination of Coronato was one of three nominations for three different county prosecutor positions made by Christie yesterday. The other two were: James P. McClain for Atlantic County Prosecutor and Frederic M. Knapp for Morris County Prosecutor.

Ford said on Friday afternoon that her five-year appointment expires on June 26, but that she would legally be required to continue in her role until a successor is appointed.

Ford, who lives in Toms River with her family, said she hopes to serve again in a public capacity.

When asked if that might involve a different gubernatorial appointment, she said, "I know that I may be considered for other positions that are appointed by the governor. But it would be presumptuous on my part to assume that will happen. Nothing has been offered to me. I'm hopeful there is an opportunity for me to serve the public in another capacity in the future. If not, I'll return to private practice."

Ford, a former state Assembly member, was nominated in 1992 by Gov. James Florio to be a Superior Court judge, according to her bio (see attached PDF) on the prosecutor's website.

She served in the family division for four years, and for ten years in the civil division. In 2006, she was appointed by Chief Justice Zazzali to be Presiding Judge of the Family Division.

YellowBird July 24, 2012 at 05:44 AM
The most recent hearing was in March on a motion that the Mother filed. In which she requested seven items. Judge Roe granted only one. main problems with that. One is that the Father still refuses to furnish any contact info, and secondly by now the child surely feels abandoned by his Mother. Editors note: child currently attends college via scholarships The corruption is so rampant and widespread in Ocean County that there are widely popular blog sites dedicated exclusively to it. Some posters are even suggesting class action lawsuits. Stating that Civil Rights are being violated. “I agree completely” states Radmore. “This is long overdue & it's time for the children to be priority one”. It's something the ACLU should be alerted to & actively investigating. Many of our policy makers work hard to get bills passed & put into action. They are meant to protect the citizens. Ecspecially our children, they are the helpless ones here. “We have to be vocal for them, they are our future” says Radmore. What does it say about us as a nation when the very leaders that put into power for us, on our behalf continually turns a blind eye? “It's sickening really “ says Radmore.” I personally know of at least three children's lives that are forever changed & broken because of this”. On May 9th 2012 Certified letters were received by both women. Calling for them to take action. Neither one of them would even acknowledge that they received the letters
YellowBird July 24, 2012 at 05:46 AM
Follow -up calls were also ignored If you would like more information on this topic , or to schedule an interview with Elizabeth Radmore. Send Email to: sheerides@yahoo.com
Miriam July 24, 2012 at 01:34 PM
@ Get involved... What you are looking for are answers and a quick break down of liz's testimony. That is impossible unless you have a verbal conversation with the victim. testimonies shared are from the years and years of abuse on government and judicial corruption. either take the time to research herstory further for answers, or wait for the movie set to be out next june. when I say research that means contact her abusers personally and ask questions? And see what you come up with. all testimonies have proper documentation and evidence handed to those connected with Lawless America
Miriam July 24, 2012 at 01:40 PM
The bottom line is the corrupt officials also use these forums as well as their friends... causing division and using it as a platform to campaign. disagreement and arguments are moot contingent upon a fact,evidence and documentation already handed in, which has prompted an investigation already. many federal lawsuits have already been filed under section 1983 by victims at the direction of the civil rights attorney working with this the vast group. Two elected officials and attorneys have come forward to be filmed. better known as whistleblowers. many people do not understand what is really in store, but will soon find out. Visit www.lawlessamerica.com today, or go to www.newjersey101.5.com to read the story and hear the interview.
Miriam July 24, 2012 at 01:42 PM
Months ago I used this form to bring light to this topic... some jest and others ignored it. How funny is it now that it's breaking mainstream news? Oh and there is more to come!


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