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Toms River Committee's Idea Would Have Volunteers Tending Small Public Gardens

Recreation Committee soliciting public interest in the idea

Small, community gardens organized throughout the township is something Toms River's Recreation Committee should consider with the help of volunteers, committee members discussed recently.

The Toms River Recreation Committee discussed at its meeting Monday the possibility of creating small community gardens throughout the town.

The idea was suggested by commission member Faye Wilson, who said they could start out “very small” and be maintained by a list of people who register to partake in the project.

Wilson said the gardens could be either flower or vegetable gardens, noting she read an article about community gardens in Red Bank that sell vegetables and she thought this could tie in to the township’s farmer’s markets.

Commission member Bob Amus said he had seen this type of project elsewhere where a group of mostly senior citizens planted flowers along bridges, creek beds and other common areas.

Amus also recalled a portion of the arboretum on the Ocean County College campus that was maintained by volunteers to create a quiet reading area.

Amus felt both the dog park and Winding River Park would be ideal places to start a community garden.

“It could be beautiful,” said Amus.

“I think it’s a good idea. You can put patches of sunshine all over,” said commission member John Maguire.

He suggested starting with parks that have existing irrigation systems in place.

Commission member Joe Garvey felt the first step would be to float the idea on the township Web site and see what the level interest is from potential volunteers.

 “Let’s take a shot. It’s a great idea,” said Garvey.

teatleytea October 02, 2012 at 12:11 AM
We couldn't do that in this town. Everyone must remember that there is nothing done in this town that isn't "FOR THE CHILDREN!!" According to our Council President Mo Hill we need all of this recreation to keep all of these kids out of gangs and keep them off the streets. But, then again you couldn't put these gardens in the parks either because you would be hard pressed to find a place that isn't over grown by weeds or other brush. Go into any of these parks and you will find broken bottles all over the place riff raft hanging out doing dope deals, others having sex either in cars or on the picnic tables that are provided in these parks. (And we are just talking about Winding River Park) I personally think that this would be a GREAT idea but, what happens when either people die, move away,become to in firmed to keep up with the maintenance of these gardens. Are these gardens going to look like some of the "Adopt a Road" that have not been cleaned since they were adopted by either a family or an organization? In these economic times I think that it would be more prudent of the township to hold on to ALL OF THE FUNDS and see what is going to happen not only with the upcoming election but, with the economy! Come on Toms River Taxpayers wake up and see what they are doing to us. A 7.5 million dollar Girls Softball Complex, The Animal Shelter that is being touted as such an expense (to be cont.)
teatleytea October 02, 2012 at 12:20 AM
when it is really the addition to Police Headquarters that is the REAL EXPENSE but we the taxpayers aren't suppose to know that. Once the property where the shelter now sits is sold they will recoup most of the money for the shelter! Bonding out all kinds of money because money is cheap to borrow. We have to bond (I think) 2 million dollars to pay for all of the unused sick and vacation time for all of the cops that are going to be retiring this year. Instead of putting money aside for the hiring of new cops to replace cops that are retiring we are doing a feasibility study for a indoor tennis court. Does this make sense to anyone else? It sure as hell doesn't make sense to me! It also didn't make sense to the people who attend the meeting either.
Mary Ellen Mcgaughan-azack October 04, 2012 at 11:23 AM
land beautification sounds like a great idea!
Robert Bressman October 04, 2012 at 11:40 AM
I've complained about the parks for years, this is just the towns way of shirking the responsibility of taking care of the park system and when it's not kept up you can't blame them. There is enough money in the open space fund to finance cleaning up the Girls softball complex, so there should be enough left over to help TRELL , Skyview, Winding River, Shelter Cove, Freedom Park and let's not forget that pig sty they dedicated to Doug England, and this administration didn't even know it was a park, it's a good thing I took pictures, otherwise they would still be denying it was a park.
hergirler December 01, 2012 at 04:24 AM
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