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Trash Collection Deal Could Net Brick $600K

Mayor says move to collect Point Boro's trash and recycling would coincide with Brick switching to robo-recycling

A deal between Brick and Point Pleasant Borough where Brick would collect the Boro's trash could net Brick as much as $600,000 in revenue, Mayor Stephen C. Acropolis said.

After the Point Borough council openly discussed the potential deal at a meeting last week, Brick residents began questioning whether there would be enough manpower in place to service both towns. Acropolis said a deal to collect Point Boro's trash and recycling would most likely coincide with Brick switching to automated recycling pickup, freeing up extra manpower. With "robo-recycling" in place, the number of drivers picking up recycling would be reduced, freeing up those drivers to go to the Borough, a relatively small town.

A planned switch to robotrucks for recycling – where each Brick resident would be issued a 95-gallon recycling can and an automated truck would empty the can on recycling days – has been in the works for some time in Brick. The council considered making the switch last spring, but later decided to put it off. Acropolis said Brick would most likely lay off the extra employees displaced by the switch if not for a shared services deal that would keep staff members busy.

Under a potential deal, Brick would be responsible for picking up Point Borough's trash and recycling, but not the cost of its "tipping fees," the charge for processing refuse once it is collected and deposited at a waste facility.

A plan that would generate about $600,000 in revenue for Brick, and save Point Borough about $500,000, is an example of shared services working well, Acropolis said.

"As long as the numbers work, we're going to look into doing it," Acropolis said, adding that Brick Public Works Director Glenn Campbell has been putting the plan together and crunching the numbers for more than a year.

The deal is not finalized, however. Neither the Brick nor Point Borough councils have formally voted on the measure. The Point Borough council, at its meeting last Tuesday night, authorized its professionals to begin drafting documents for a potential shared services agreement, however. The Borough's contract with its current waste management provider ends Dec. 31.

Tired of the BS October 17, 2011 at 08:44 PM
TWU is Garbage, I did vote NO for the tax cap increase. With everyone, (union leader mostly) posting everywhere Save Our Services, Vote YES to keep services as they are), they helped scare residents into the yes vote. Absolutely sickening to me. I am perfectly willing to stand up & shout my greivences with what is going on. @ Gertie, this is neither a Republican or Democrat issue. It's a matter of right vs. wrong. Both sides have protected the rich...just a difference of creative financing. I'm definitely not rich, I voted No, and if I have true back-up, I will bring it to the forefront. I just have to have proof & people willing to stand up with me....any takers?
Cosmo October 17, 2011 at 08:54 PM
Count me in. I, as well as everyone I know, voted no and somehow they still won.
twu is garbage jr October 18, 2011 at 01:01 AM
Someone whos a brick resident needs to go town to townhall and get a permit to protest; if for some reason the township denies the right to protest, then they got an even bigger problem on their hands, so why not bluff them! No reason why we shouldnt be picketing in front of town hall to lower taxes and stop municipal corporate greed from the acropolis administration! Whos in?!?!
twu is garbage jr October 18, 2011 at 01:10 AM
News 12 was contacted and informed of the idea that we are discussing here. They think its a great idea and as soon as we have a date to protest they will have a full on camera crew down there to support us. Again we need to contact the complex and get information on getting a permit to protest or how we need to go about it. We need to rally a few hundred people to do this and get the attention of the christie administration and the attorney general's office to start an investigation into what acropolis and his cronies are doing.
Tired of the BS October 20, 2011 at 02:37 AM
Researching it now...


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