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11 Candidates Run for 3 School Board Spots; Longtime Incumbents Not Seeking Re-election

Current and past board presidents Garvey, Vasil and Malik will have seats up for grabs

Three longtime school board members, including a current and previous board president, have not filed for the April election though their terms are about to expire.

Board President Linda Garvey and former board presidents Betty Vasil and Meera Malik were each not listed as filing to run for the Toms River Regional School Board in an e-mail yesterday evening from Tammi Millar, district communications coordinator.

According to the Ocean County Board of Elections, the three board members' respective terms end this year.

There are 11 candidates running for the three spots on the school board for a three-year term, according to a list provided by Millar:

  • Mary Ann Bageac of Cranmoor Drive 
  • Frank E. Rodgers II of Lincoln Avenue
  • Karen M. Kenny of Broad Street
  • Alexander Pavliv of Discovery Way
  • Nels W. Luthman Jr. of New Jersey Avenue
  • Brian J. Geoghegan of Longman Street
  • Lester Kennett of Brand Road
  • Hank Eisenhauer of Daffodil Court
  • Loreen Torrone of Stonehedge Drive
  • Stephen Galgon of Arlene Court
  • Ben Giovine of Hedge Street

This year’s election falls on April 27. The deadline to file was 4 p.m. yesterday.

Garvey, currently serving as board president, previously served as vice president and was first elected to the school board in 1993. She is also a past president of the Ocean County School Board Association.

Malik, the school board president for 2002-2003, was first elected in 1993.

Vasil also was elected to the board of education in 1993. She has served as a former president and vice president of the board.

The Toms River Board of Education is comprised of nine elected members. Six are elected from Toms River Township, and one each from the boroughs of Pine Beach, Beachwood and South Toms River.

H.HEMMES March 09, 2011 at 02:22 PM
Joe Joe March 09, 2011 at 02:38 PM
Have you ever been to a school board meeting Hemmes... The entire agenda takes 10 minutes... it all voted yes and no discussion on the record. When they vote, they say yes and abstain as noted. You look at the meeting notes and you don't know what they abstained to!!! Hopefully that will change. There should be discussion on the record to see what there postion is on various things, their questions, etc... or are they just a rubber stamp!! (Clearly a rubber stamp)
George March 10, 2011 at 03:38 AM
We have enough candidates to replace the whole board if the other 6 will resign. They failed at the job they were elected to do. Keep exerting pressure, folks. Shame them into stepping aside.
Insider732 April 13, 2011 at 08:27 PM
I have been following this school board election process to get a better understanding of the events that have been developing. To give additional insight to those who are on this post so that they can be properly informed, I was able to pull up some information through my personal research and through personal contacts. Those with concerns regarding these three candidates' platforms and their ability to be productive and competent on the school board should know that some of these candidates run on platforms that sound great due to the negativities that Ritacco has brought to the Toms River School system, but do not identify specifically what these individuals do to keep the current school situation intact, dominant and competitive. To explain and elaborate on my comments, I found out that some of the candidates do not have any children and would like to run for school board I can provide more specifics, but you can google their names and find out their past. For example, google Ben Giovine and you will find that individual's LinkedIn account and notice he has worked with some political wigs in town (John Adler) and I found that some relative was a judge in town due to searching Google Although I am searching for more information on all the candidates, I think it is important to call into question whether someone who lacks a child and has only experienced school through their personal endeavors can effectively identify blemishes within the current education system
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