Toms River School Officials Still Waiting On Superintendent Contract Approval

County superintendent still has more questions for TRRS district

David M. Healy (Patch File Photo)
David M. Healy (Patch File Photo)
Toms River Regional school district officials are still waiting on a contract agreed upon by the Board of Education and prospective Superintendent David M. Healy to be approved by the state.

While the board approved the terms of the contract in a 7-2 vote Tuesday night, details have not been released to the public or the media. An Open Public Records Act request filed by Patch seeking access to the contract on Thursday was denied due to the district's position that the contract, until approved by the state Department of Education, is a draft and subject to further negotiations if it is not approved.

Business Administrator Bill Doering said the district was hoping to have the contract approved and in hand as quickly as possible.

An administrative assistant at the office of Thomas Dowd, Interim Executive Ocean County Superintendent of schools, told a Patch reporter on Thursday afternoon that Dowd still had "a couple questions" to ask district officials with regard to the contract.

In some cases, such as when Brick Township appointed a superintendent in 2012, certain details of the contract – in Brick's case, the proposed salary and contract length – were made public immediately. But while not confirmed by officials, Toms River's contract could be more complicated due to the district's size.

Districts with more than 10,000 students may apply for state permission to waive the $175,000 superintendent salary cap. Toms River is the state's largest suburban school district with more than 17,000 students.

Healy was appointed and introduced to the public at a special Board of Education meeting held Tuesday night. While board members unanimously voted to appoint Healy, two members – Ginny Rhine and Alex Pavliv – voted against the terms of the contract.

Healy earns $167,500 plus incentive pay and a $200 per month car allowance where he currently works as superintendent in the Matawan-Aberdeen school district in Monmouth County.
letsgetreal March 15, 2014 at 10:45 AM
@careless fills Wait...so because you purchased (or update, added on etc) a large home, and expensive home at that (because if your paying $10,000 a year in property taxes than its a large, and high appraised home!)I should feel sorry for you...? Really...Lifes about choices my friend and I did not bight off more than I could chew. My taxes are half that and I live in a moderate middle class home, no shack, but also no mansion either. The average home in Toms River is around $225,000 which is around $1,300 in Municipal taxes a year (and yes I know school taxes and county taxes are also added to that) I just checked it! Your either not telling the truth or your home is extremely large hence that's your deal! I HAVE NO LOVE for the politicians in this Town nor do I for the school board due to all the corruption! With that said my argument was about the guys salary. I do not care about the so called 1000 public workers living in TR, really I do not care. I am just tired of the bitching we all wanted change and now we got it and we still complain. Give it a rest already....If they pay him $100,00 or $500,000 a year its not going to bankrupt me, you, or anyone else....that's my argument. Hell, I would pay the guy $250,00 even $300,000 as long as Ritacco is gone and he comes in and cleans this School district up, rids the Political Horse crap and appointments. I am going to sit back and hope he cleans up this mess its been a long time coming....Lets just stop complaining already! I am trying to be POSITIVE for once......LOL i guess we will see if I made the right decision.
jerseytomato March 18, 2014 at 07:03 AM
letsgetreal - It's called, 'Financial prudence.' Whatever happened to hiring an employee and asking him to prove himself at a certain salary, with the stipulation written in his contract that if he succeeds, then a salary increase is provided? Being mindful of taxpayer dollars is not only prudent - it's smart business. But, as we are talking about educators and not business owners, the old saying is applicable: "Those who can - do. Those who cannot - teach.' As to the Ritacco debacle - Ritacco wasn't the only dishonest employee; therein lies the problem. To think Mr. Healy will single handedly rid us of 'political horse crap appointments' is a fine example of misplaced responsibility AND wishful thinking. I'm sure neither your sentence - or sentiment will be found anywhere in his job description. You can be sure - Mr. Healy will not go against those who have given him this position.
grace March 18, 2014 at 09:58 AM
yup yup yup @ jersey tomato


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