Toms River Schools, Monmouth University to Partner

Agreement will likely last through 2018, officials say

The Toms River Regional school board approved a partnership with Monmouth University on Thursday night that is expected to last through the 2018 school year.

The partnership, according to school officials, will benefit both Toms River and Monmouth students through a number of programs for students and teachers at the two institutions.

Under the agreement, which passed unanimously, Monmouth will provide mentoring seminars to faculty members and Toms River Regional employees will supervise field experience for Monmouth education students. Monmouth will also provide the district with student teachers, counselors and leaders for placement in the school system.

Additionally, the West Long Branch-based university will provide professional development seminars to Toms River staff and share research findings with the district's faculty and administrators on best practices.

Toms River, in return, will provide space for activities and seminars and provide assignments for university students who have undergone the mentoring seminars. The district will also work with Monmouth to conduct scholarly research.

The two institutions will develop a partnership decision-making team that will determine how many members of its staff will conduct professional development seminars and how many of Monmouth's students will be mentored by Toms River staff members. Also under the partnership, Toms River and Monmouth will collaboratively develop and mentor pre-service teachers, new teachers, counselors and leaders who wish to participate.

Either party can end the partnership with a year's notice, however the two institutions say the partnership will likely last, in its initial form, through 2018.
Betty Boop January 24, 2014 at 11:48 AM
If I understand this or read between the lines if you will, most new teachers will probably be Monmouth grads. Most of the Monmouth grads will get student teaching assignment at TRRS and will get a good shot at getting full-time assignment. Thats a huge upgrade of all the teachers TRRS has been hiring the last 10 years that are OCC/GCC grads.
grace January 24, 2014 at 06:16 PM
and dont forget @ betty boop that they all were ritacco hirees so either friend or family..sooooo many started without a teaching degree so many had to get the certificate thru occ/kean..would be interesting to get that percentage..any thing would be an upgrade but it will take time until they all retire and take their golden eggs


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