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Frazier Credits High School South CPR Class After Saving Man's Life

Toms River Little League Champion alum and Cincinnati Reds' Frazier honored with Save-a-Life award

Though he's already racked up some home runs, Todd Frazier is also racking up accolades after a choking victim's life by using the Heimlich Maneuver.

Dr. Henry Heimlich — the man for whom the Heimlich Maneuver is named — presented Frazier with the "Save a Life" award June 26 in recognition of his May 28 rescue of a nearby dinner patron who was choking on a piece of steak.

Frazier — a former Toms River Little League Champion and rookie on the Cincinnati Reds — was dining at a nearby table, saw the man choking, and wrapped his arms around him to perform the Heimlich and dislodge the food stuck in the man's throat.

The Heimlich Institute reports that Frazier acted quickly to stop the man choking.

"When another restaurant patron began to choke, Frazier acted quickly and performed the Heimlich Maneuver to clear the airway obstruction. Dr. Henry Heimlich presented Frazier with a Save-a-Life award in recognition of his life saving actions," announced the institute.

Bob Cohn of triblive.com reports that Frazier said he learned how to perform the Heimlich while a student at Toms River High School South:

"Frazier said he never performed the Heimlich before, But he thanked Karen Clouser and John DeMarco, who taught his CPR courses at Toms River (N.J.) High School South."


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