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July 26, 1871: Toms River Yacht Club Launches First Race

Organized by a group of men who loved yachting and racing.

Toms River Yacht Club located at 1464 Riviera Avenue, Toms River, NJ, launched its organization back on July 1, 1871 with a few locals who shared the love of yachting and racing. The yacht club is still thriving existing as a sailing and social club, with enjoyable sailing and competitve racing for juniors and adults.

According to the Toms River Yacht Club, Charles S. Haines was the first Commodore and his house, the Stewart House, was its first temporary headquarters. Only 25 days after its organization the TRYC sponsored its first event.

On July 26, 1871, the sailing event held was from Long Point to Forked River and back. The prize was the Toms River Challenge Cup, a beautiful coin silver trophy designed by Joseph Chattellier who was a charter member of the club. It was created by Tiffany's, New York at a cost of $175. This coveted cup, now the oldest perpetual racing trophy in the United States, has been in competition on Barnegat Bay every year since that date.

In 1903, the Club Burgee, a blue "T" on a triangular white field, was authorized, and by 1911 a growing membership built a new clubhouse on Robbins Parkway. That building is now was the site of the former Lobster Shanty, currently Bakers Water Street Bar and Grill.

Fifty seven years later in 1968, TRYC moved to its present location in Money Island. This move enabled the club to have more adequate docks and buildings, plus far superior sailing waters and of course, a fantastic river view. In 1972 the Money Island Yacht Club merged with TRYC.


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