NJ Fish and Wildlife Offers Hunting and Fishing App

The smartphone app allows hunters, fishers and wildlife observers enhance the experience in New Jersey.

If you're searching for an access point or open space to fish or hunt, the NJ Department of Environmental Protection has an app for that.

The state DEP released its new hunting and fishing smartphone app this month, allowing New Jersey nature enthusiasts to enrich the experience within the state.

The free app, called The Pocket Ranger, provides spot information around the state for fish and wildlife with a mapping feature of of open spaces and access points.

“This is part of the Christie Administration’s continuing effort to bring more people into our state parks and wildlife areas, to enhance offerings and make it easier and more convenient for our residents to enjoy the great diversity of fish and wildlife and outdoor recreation opportunities in New Jersey,’’ said DEP Commissioner Bob Martin in a news release.

The app also has the ability to connect through social networking, allowing families and friends to track loved ones through a GPS locator prividing coordinates in the event of an emergency.

Weather information, a calendar of events, state hunting and fishing rules and more can be found through The Pocket Ranger.

Created by ParksByNature and used in several states around the country, the app will also eventually allow users to report rare species sightings and compare hunting and fishing experiences.

ParksByNature co-founder and program coordinator Brett Melillo said the idea is to raise awareness about state nature and and maintain license revenues in NJ.

“Our expectation is for the Pocket Ranger Fish and Wildlife Guide to encourage a new generation of users to explore and discover all that New Jersey has to offer in the way of fish and wildlife related recreation."

Hank Kerchef January 27, 2013 at 02:24 PM
who cares,,, with a yahoo game warden that gives you a fine if your fish is a hair under the size limit and then the draggers clean out everything that swims. I wouldn't give one penny towards anything that helps the NJ fish and game. I boated all my life,,, now I have to take a class and get a card just to ride a boat????? faaaaaaa''k it,,, im done with this state. and boating.


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