Hurry Up Boys We Got a Show to Catch: Punk, Ska at Paul's Tavern

Inspecter 7, Underdog and The F Bombers bring the ingredients for an exciting Jersey Shore show

You hear the first notes, and you scream at the top of your lungs.

If you don’t have a band that makes you do that, a song that ignites your soul, that makes you explode when that band drops those first notes, you need to find it. You just need to.

Seeing your favorite band live, when they play your favorite song of theirs, everyone around you joyously singing and dancing in a tight crowd of a small bar. Time stands still and quickens at the same time. Your heart leaps out of your chest and your eardrums are blown to bits. The requisite ringing in your ears for hours later can’t drown out the song engrained there.

So many things make the Jersey Shore shine as a stellar place to live — the sand, the surf, the boards, the people, the culture. But for me, the best thing about summer is the concerts, the music.

Whether the beats are dropping or the crowd is literally hopping, it would seem the Jersey Shore has it all.

The and Bamboozle fill wide open spaces with gigantic masses. Up-and-comer April Smith packs the house and brings her pet dog to The Saint. The stand-up bass is slapped as bowling pins fall in a rockabilly show at Asbury Lanes.

Giant backdrops illuminate the Pixies at Asbury Park’s Convention Hall.   blends The Lonely Island and Tone Loc underneath the freshest beats at The Aztec in Seaside Heights. Bar patrons look up from their drinks, smile and sing “Send me on my way” as a cover band in countless Jersey Shore bars belts out an on point Rusted Root cover.

This could be any night of the year, but when it’s summer, it turns it up to 11.

This Saturday is one of those nights I’m looking forward to. 

My favorite band growing up was, luckily enough, a local band — Inspecter 7. Based out of New Brunswick, they constantly played in joints that were gems and dives — anywhere original music was supported—all around the Jersey Shore and Central Jersey in places still around and long forgotten. They played my favorite genre of music and every song was a winner in my book.

In those magical summers you waste/live up in your late teens and early 20s, I went to every show of theirs I could. Sang at the top of my lungs. Bopped and thrashed around and wished it wouldn’t end.

The group eventually disbanded, but Saturday at Paul’s Tavern, Inspecter 7 will resurrect themselves as they occasionally do for an anticipated show with headliners Underdog and local punk favorites The F Bombers.

Underdog, recently reforming themselves in 2010, will headline a sweat-drenched evening of rock, punk and ska on “Paul’s Big Stage” at Paul’s Tavern.

The bands that play regularly or are just passing through on the Jersey Shore — summer is the best time to enjoy them.

So get out there and enjoy yourself. Squint your eyes shut to help you get that scream out louder, more melodic. That first beat is about to drop.

Tickets are $15 in advance and $18 at the door.  Underdog, Inspecter 7, The F Bombers at Paul’s Tavern,  1705 Main Street, Lake Como. Doors open at 8 p.m.


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