June 18, 1989: River Lady Arrives to Port in Toms River

River Lady offers cruises through the Toms RIver and Barnegat Bay.

The River Lady, a 150 passenger, 85' authentic reproduction of a 19th century Mississippi Paddleboat was built in Freeport, Florida and finished by the end of May 1989. After its completion the River Lady paddled its way into New Jersey.

On June 18, 1989, Father's Day, the River Lady made her arrival into port in Toms River. The paddleboat is owned and operated by Captain Lance Chambeau Jr.

Although built in the 80s, it's the Victorian Era the boat is going for, with mahogany and brass decor, and a nickelodeon (player piano) for your listening pleasure.

The boat continues to be a popular option for a cruise around the Toms River and Barnegat Bay, whether for a dinner jaunt, a history tour or a private event.

The River Lady is docked at the base of Robbins Parkway.


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