Live Traffic Map: Labor Day Weekend Travel

Check out ongoing traffic issues on Mapquest's live traffic map

Traffic may be heavy in the area this weekend as many travel to the shore for Labor Day Weekend, the last hurrah of summer. Check our interactive traffic map featuring the Garden State Parkway, Route 37 and Route 70 before hitting the road.

In this real-time traffic map from Mapquest, green portions mean traffic is flowing freely, while yellow and red indicate traffic delays. Zoom in or out if there's a route where you need a close-up.

Besides a map-style glimpse, there are also many traffic cameras and beach cameras you can view. Want to see how crowded the Seaside Heights beaches are? 

There are two views, one pointing south and another pointing north, so you can check both scenes of how crowded — or not — the beach is. Here's the south cam and here's the north.

If you'd rather see how busy Joey Harrison's Surf Club beach is doing, the Ortley Beach club has a streaming camera feed here.

And how about the roads? To see how fast the crawl is on Route 37, check here.

Here are the parkway traffic cameras around beach exits:


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