Toms River Halloween Parade: The Winners

Awards were handed out in each division

The divides the many groups and individuals into divisions and labels them A through W.

Here are the winners in each grouping:

A: 1. Mike Cherry, Superman and kryptonite; 2. Chrystal Leary, Circus lion cage; 3. Gage and Richie Learche, Cop car.

B: 1. Jack Kiernan, Jack Frost; 2. Brandon and Conner Mchon, Boxers fighting for freedom; 3. Joanne Jodry, Rapunzel from Tangled

C 1. Cub Scout Pack 62, Bed bugs; 2. Cub Scout Pack 20, Legos; 3. Jersey Shore Girl Scouts, Happy 100th Birthday Girl Scouts

D: 1. Cub Scout Pack 70, Pirates; 2. BSA Pack 70, Angry Birds float; 3. Laura Genovese, Great Outdoors theme Cub Scout Pack 50

E:  1. Gretal Probost, Mad Hatter, 2. no listing; 3. Jaclyn Witt, Rapunzel

F: 1. Berkeley Hazmat; Hazmat emegency vehicles; 2. Manito Park Fire Company, Gone but not forgotten; 3. Michael Coco, Silverton Fire Company with Cub Scout Pack 59, Hunt Halloween truck

G. 1. Maureen Williams, Cheerleaders; 2. Daydreamer Productions, Teens dressed as dead ballroom dancers; 3. N'Step, Toms River N'Step team

H: 1. no listing; 2, Tina Dietz, Pirates; 3. Toms River Yacht Club Junior Sailing, Zombie sailors on an inflatable boat

I: 1. Andi Aldi, Cowboys vs. Aliens; 2. Jessica Silvers, Star Wars; 3. Jackie Brennan, Phinneas & Ferb and Perry the Platypus

J: Crystal Leary, Ghost Horse and Carriage; 2. Style Lounge Hair Studio, Zombie Beauty Queens Hair Stylists; 3. Rock University, Teen rock band

K: 1. Vicky Leone, Babies; 2. Daryl McAndrews, Good angel, bad angel; 3. Mark Schneider, Freddy Kruger and his Evil Daughter

L: 1. Paul Plungish, 1927 Ford Model T; 2. Name unknown, 1920s car; 3. Grand Master Kum Sung, 1923 Hot Rod

M: 1. Jim Lowda, OCVC, Smurfs. (no listings for 2 and 3)

N: 1. Mary Massaro, Bath tub boy; 2. Arron Starmer, Michael Jackson; 3. Connor Kluger, Werewolf

O: 1. Patrick Barnes, The Merminator Robot Landshark; 2. Mary Borrello, Silent Film Star; 3. Danielle Mahar, Edward Scissorhands

P: 1. Toms River Elks #1875, Walkers; 2. Destination Jersey Hope, Group members in jeans and sweatshirts with logo. 3. no listing

R: 1. Ocean County 4H, Quadzilla; 2. Tuckerton Seaport and Baymen's Museum, Pirate Ship decorated for Halloween; 3. Toms River Elks #1875, Proud to be an NJ Elk

S: 1. Michael Sherman, 1964 Chevrolet Corvette; 2. Bill Mackintosh, 1966 Dodge Dart Convertible, patriotic theme; 3. Carmine Crono, Custom 1953 Chevy pickup

T: 1. Creative Cardio, Fitness and dancing; 2. Jersey Shore Roller Girls, Scrabble board letters; 3. Wawa Inc., Wally "The Situation" Goose, Chester Cheeto & Friends

U: 1. no listing; 2. Alana Reo, Sniptease Hair Salon; 3. Ralph Clayton & Sons, Human Blender (cement mixer)

W: 1. A Affordable Taxi Inc., message against drinking and driving; 2. Elmando Khandil, 1991 Mazda Miata; 3. Autism Subaru, Clown-themed car

Farthest distance traveled by a participant: Mrs. Leone, Cancun, Mexico

Youngest participant: John Mulqueen, 8/28/2010 

SmackieJackie November 01, 2011 at 04:59 PM
Division E 3rd place was Victoria Colon... Jaclyn is her mom...
. November 01, 2011 at 08:29 PM
Who cares, you need a smackie
Max November 01, 2011 at 09:14 PM
Daydreamer Productions lady zombie dancers were my fave, they were just excellent!
Catherine Galioto November 02, 2011 at 02:10 AM
They were great!
bayway mike November 04, 2011 at 08:29 PM
Too bad Sondra Fortunato won't be able to add a sash to her gown stating "2011 Halloween Queen".


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